Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dreams for life

Sometimes I close my eyes to imagine a wonderful story

I make a journey.
I visit a forest,
see a waterfall and a rainbow in the moonlight
Go through a stalactite cave,
see a vulcan,
climb a mountain and
fly to New Zealand

When I open my eyes I recognise these are my dreams, which I want to do one day in my life.

What are your dreams?


Our thoughts, our personalities

Every thought is an experience. We experience ourselves, our lives, our individuality, our personality …

A thought can be a hint. A hint to decide to change our personality.

We’re ingenerally every day changing creatures. This process is influenced by us.

Some changings are caused by situations with others, but we are the ones, who make us to the ones we are right now in the present.

Let you go, my friend

My friend you made your decisions
My friend you go your own way now

I try to do my very best to make you happy
It does not matter what I do or do not do

It is you going through life somehow without me

I have to accept your decisions. It is your life
I do not want to be hurt by you anymore

Life is hard for you and life is hard for me
Sometimes it is not possible to find a way back on our friendship road

I know you know it
You know I know it

It is not the end of our friendship
It is different and difficult

We know it and we have to go our own ways
Our own ways with less knowing each other

Everything has a reason
I am sure one day we will understand why everything had happened the way it had!

I am so proud of us and our friendship!

My sensible me with a message to you

I know I’m someone, who is sensible for everything. It’s like a person, who loves me and so do I, feels pain, is disappointed, frustrated, depressed … and that’s what I feel too. I can help them somehow. I do my very best but I’m not one of these ones who have any distance between me and the other person. It’s like when things are bad I don’t feel bad or mad I feel pain . It hurts. I know it can be dangerous to be so addicted to others but I confront myself with it and do my very best not to get broken by any of these situations. There is now a period of time in which I learn to take care of trust, which was given to me. I’m learning right now that there are friends, who love me the way I’m and they trust me. This fact is sometimes unbelievable for me!
I tell you these facts about me, because you’re never lonely with whatever you do or whoever you are. We all have our difficulties but we all are able to find a way to make it.
There is you and there is me, we are so different but in some ways we might be similar to each other. We’re never lonely no matter what we’re going through! 🙂


Do you know a good way to handle with stress?
It makes me crazy. I dance, do sport activities, write texts but then there are these period of times where I cannot stand stress. Then I act in a way I would never act normally. When you look at me you can see how I feel, whether I’m stressed or not.
Do you think it is because I do not have any distance to the things, which stress me?

A letter to harmony

Dear harmony,

where are you when I miss you?
I need you. It’s hard to live without you. It’s hard to stand an atmosphere of disharmony.
I know you wouldn’t exist if there was no disharmony. You are special because you’re the opposite of your negative form.
I don’t want to live always in harmony but sometimes I wish you’re more often a part of my life!
I’m happy ingeneral, but I know I’m harmony addicted and harmony isn’t anything I can influence.
Harmony, you’re special, you’re a wonderful form of atmosphere and I need you as much as I appreciate you!

My thoughtful me talking to you 🙂


Every pain changes you.

If we are hurt by someone we will do mistakes. We sometimes project our own pain on others. We say words, which hurt.
It’s like from a person, who was  hurt to a person, who hurts someone. It’s a process, which we do not recognise every time.
It can be helpful to analyse what we have done. We don’t like to do mistakes but it’s important to open our eyes for ours.
If we are able to accept a mistake, which we have done, we will be able to work on ourselves. We will become wiser and go through life in a different way.
On the one hand we listen to our own thoughts about us, on the other hand we listen to the ones we love, who show us mistakes. The ones we love are able to see mistakes we do not recognise. It is very helpful to listen to them. We can think about their words and can decide how we want to go further.
It’s up to us to decide who we want to be.

Confusion, learning, fear

It’s like thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.
Everything make sense, nothing too.
The last time was a period of learning.
I learnt to understand me and I started to understand the behaviour of other people.
My thought was: If I was able to understand me it’d be able to understand others.
My thought now is: It will be helpful to understand me if I want to understand other people.
I changed my thought, because I do not feel so helpless anymore. I changed my thought, because I don’t want to be scared of the mystery neither of you nor of me. Fear can be an influence. We decide how much we want to be influenced by something. Some people are more guided by fear others less but we all have nearly the same chances to get over it. I’m not talking about fears, which are illnesses. I’m talking about topics, which make us feel depressed caused by different reasons.

Wish you a lovely day! Enjoy life! Keep on smiling!