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Magic is in the air

When I look into your eyes
It’s the truth
A surprise

It’s your soul
Which caught me

Your soul
I feel your heart beat

Magic is in the air

Confused, totally confused

Don’t you know these moments when you want to escape from everything?

Everything feels like a mess. You cannot talk, because you’re not able to talk. You find no words. Like a bomb you’re made to explode one day. I hate this feeling. I want to be alone. No one should be with me. I don’t want to see anyone. I want to sleep. I want to free my mind from all these difficulties of life. Yesterday I slept about zwenty hours. Today I feel much better now but there are still all these conflicts in my head. How can I structure myself when I’m a mess. I don’t want to lie to myself but I do. I don’t want to hurt people but I will.

Do you know situations like that? Do you have a good idea how to find structure?

Confusion and harmony

Sometimes it feels like a rainy sunny day
It’s sad and beautiful
It’s good and bad
It’s reality and dream
It’s confusing

Confused, because all your thoughts go on different vacations.
Some meet each other, others are totally different and never meet.
You go crazy, because there is no structure. There are feelings, different feelings, which don’t fit together. But we have to handle with them, we have to make them fit together, because it’ll be a way to find harmony.

Harmony is similar to luck. It’s reachable temporarily, but it’ll never be¬†with you the whole time.

Keep it in mind to recignize, that there have to be all these crazy thoughts, which drive us crazy to remember us of being thankful for all the lucky things, which cross our lives.

Be proud of yourself! :)

You went through life a couple of years
There were times full of tears

You went on and on
Became strong

Mistakes were made by you
All your ways chosen by you

They grew your defence and offence
Doens’t it make sense?

You made it through good times
You made it through bad times

Enough reasons to make you proud
Scream it out loud

We all have our stories, our memories, our reasons why we are, who we are and all these facts make us to the wonderful personality we are right now!

Our thoughts, our personalities

Every thought is an experience. We experience ourselves, our lives, our individuality, our personality …

A thought can be a hint. A hint to decide to change our personality.

We’re ingenerally every day changing creatures. This process is influenced by us.

Some changings are caused by situations with others, but we are the ones, who make us to the ones we are right now in the present.