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Letter to fear

Dear fear
You are driving me crazy.
I do not know how to stand you.
You are there and a moment later you are gone.
You make me act like I am a cruel monster.
It feels like you controll my human being.
I know it is your job to scare people.

It is up to them how it ends, right?
You make me fight against an enemy. You are my enemy.
You make me fall but I get up again. You hurt me, but I live with all these scars.
You change me. But I decide who I want to become.
You can be as cruel as you want, you will never be able to get my whole me.
You might have caught some parts of me. But I will fight until the end to escape from you.
When it comes through an end there will be me and no you anymore.
Thank you fear to teach me how to fight against all these difficult things in life!


Confusion, learning, fear

It’s like thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.
Everything make sense, nothing too.
The last time was a period of learning.
I learnt to understand me and I started to understand the behaviour of other people.
My thought was: If I was able to understand me it’d be able to understand others.
My thought now is: It will be helpful to understand me if I want to understand other people.
I changed my thought, because I do not feel so helpless anymore. I changed my thought, because I don’t want to be scared of the mystery neither of you nor of me. Fear can be an influence. We decide how much we want to be influenced by something. Some people are more guided by fear others less but we all have nearly the same chances to get over it. I’m not talking about fears, which are illnesses. I’m talking about topics, which make us feel depressed caused by different reasons.

Wish you a lovely day! Enjoy life! Keep on smiling!

Scared of changing friendships

I’m happy about all my friendships.
I’m proud of every single one, because they’re differently special.
I’m scared of meeting new faces.
Scared that new faces will change something.
We all will meet new ones. We all will find other people, who will make us happy. I’m scared that it’ll change our friendships.

The past showed me, that humans are influenced by humans. Some more others less but they all are. There might be a situation that you’re someone’s best friend and this someone meets another person, who becomes more and more her/ his best friend and you become less and less her/ his best friend. It hurts and I’m scared to get hurt by the ones I love.

I’m watching humans, because it’s the best way to learn about them.
I also know that fear is dangerous because it makes humans act differently. It’s important not to get totally influenced by it. It’s okay to be scared of loosing the ones you love but there is this other side called trust.

Trust is so important and trust can be the best and worst, because it makes you lucky or it hurts. Trust is special between two people. Friends are the ones you can trust. You’ll never know whether it is right or wrong. If it’s right it’ll be enjoyable. If it’s wrong you’ll have made a new experience, which makes you wiser.

Of course there will be new faces in my life and in yours but I also know that no matter, who becomes part of your life I’ll do my very best to make you lucky, my friend. I’m scared, very scared but I trust you, because it’s love, which takes care of you and me.

Living in a world of day and night

Living in a world of day and night
There is no place, where we can hide
A day begins
It gives us hints
We can follow all these traces
We will meet new faces

Some will love us
Others hate us
You’re the one who have to handle with it
You’re the one who have to make it fit

Surrounded by so much people
As difficult as working with a needle
You’re the one who have to open your mind
You’re the one who will people find

There is this fear
That there might be a tear
But if you don’t try
You’ll never know why
This risk you’ll make it
Because there will be this way to take it

Having a special person in your life
Makes it easier to survive
Because all these wonderful moments you share
Are the great ones of which you have to take care

Start living
And giving
Because love is a feeling, which can make you strong
No reason of thinking, might it be wrong?

There are always this moments, which make us sad
But love isn’t a feeling, which should us feel mad
Loving someone and be loved in return
Isn’t anything we can learn
It’ll happen or not
But if it does, we can enjoy it a lot

Love the people, who have a place in your heart
They’ll make you happy, make you feel special, make you feel proud
They’re the special ones we have chosen out of the croud