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I’m back again

Hey everybody.

It’s been a long time ago since I had written my last post. I needed a break from everything to clean up the chaos, which was going on in my head.

I just want to let you know: New posts will come soon.

Sleep well everybody 🙂


A letter to harmony

Dear harmony,

where are you when I miss you?
I need you. It’s hard to live without you. It’s hard to stand an atmosphere of disharmony.
I know you wouldn’t exist if there was no disharmony. You are special because you’re the opposite of your negative form.
I don’t want to live always in harmony but sometimes I wish you’re more often a part of my life!
I’m happy ingeneral, but I know I’m harmony addicted and harmony isn’t anything I can influence.
Harmony, you’re special, you’re a wonderful form of atmosphere and I need you as much as I appreciate you!

My thoughtful me talking to you 🙂

A letter to my heart

Dear heart

You make me feel
You make me heal

You’re what you’re
Playing tricks on me
Don’t let me forget
The one I love

It’s okay
Every day
Because you taught me
I’m able to see

I’m able to be happy
You told me friendly

I’m going crazy
I’m thinking, not lazy

Tell me what will you reach
When you teach me like this?

Want to show me that it’s okay to love?
I got it. I do. It’s true.

Let me love the one a little less
Found this different way of love
A way to feel wonderful, happy and lucky with
There is no reason anymore to hurt me
Because I know I’ll always love the one in a special way

My heart, you taught me many lessons
You formed me to the one I’m right now
Let us together keep this special friend in our special part of love
I know we’ll make it
You won’t help me
But I’m strong
You won’t hurt me anymore
You make me fight
I’ll show you love doesn’t mean loosing the ones you kept

In love me talking to my heart

A letter to love

Dear love

What would a life be without you?

You are taking and giving
You hurt and make us happy
You are everything and nothing
What are you?

You are invisible
Makes people believe to be invincable

You are this feeling
Shows us, you make us healing

Somehow you are playing with us
You know we have to deal with you
Because what would a life be without you?
For me and for you
No choice
We need you

Having people in our hearts
Because of you
It makes us believing
It gives us strength
We are never lonely because of you
You take our hands and speaks out loud of our hearts
We have to listen to you
Sometimes you hurt, sometimes you make a dream come true

Love, you are special, you make us special and makes the ones special we love.

In love my thoughtful me talking to you