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Relationships, luck and me

Relationships are their own philosophies.

There are these two sides in me:
The first one wants to meet new people.
The second one doesn’t.

It’s less the first side, which guides me. It’s the second one.

I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with words. I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with relationships and people themselves.

I try to understand why relationships are so confusing for me. I’m not scared of anything, which could happen. I’m choosy, very choosy! It has always been like that. It might be good. It might be bad. It’s both.

I have close relationships or no ones. There is no way for me to have less close relationships. That’s why all these close relationships have much importance. This importance is special for me. This importance is wonderful. This importance is blessing and curse, because this importance makes me more and more addicted to these special friends. Friends have chosen each other to go their friendship-way together.

A friend is a part of my luck. We choose lucky things on our own and friends are my chosen luck. Whether it is good or bad is up to how I handle with it.

I’m someone who normally goes from one extreme to the next one. It’s hard to find a way of distance, but I’m able to have a distance. I have to be able to have it, otherwise it would end in a dilemma.

It’s a philosophy I’m working on it.

It’s important that every relationship is positive for both in it is my message for you!



What are your reasons to feel happy about?

I love these little things.

Going outside, looking around, enjoying this beauty, which surrounds me. Enjoy to live in a world with all these fascinating creatures.
It is so fascinating to watch the seasons and how it influence all the plans and animals and us.

I also feel so happy and proud of the ones I love. They make life more beautiful.

I love dancing. Breakdance, Street and House give me passion, motivation and selfconfidence. It is art like writing, which means very much to me!

I am a thinker. It is the best that could have happened to me. Of course it makes me going crazy sometimes, but I love to think about topics to find a way to understand them. Topics are life, relationships, feelings, humans, nature etc

It is great to find a way to be myself
Every situation influences me
I learn so much
And try to find a way to make it through life

A letter to love

Dear love

What would a life be without you?

You are taking and giving
You hurt and make us happy
You are everything and nothing
What are you?

You are invisible
Makes people believe to be invincable

You are this feeling
Shows us, you make us healing

Somehow you are playing with us
You know we have to deal with you
Because what would a life be without you?
For me and for you
No choice
We need you

Having people in our hearts
Because of you
It makes us believing
It gives us strength
We are never lonely because of you
You take our hands and speaks out loud of our hearts
We have to listen to you
Sometimes you hurt, sometimes you make a dream come true

Love, you are special, you make us special and makes the ones special we love.

In love my thoughtful me talking to you


Humans want to be free.
They want to be themselves.
But as much they want to decide about their life, they are not able to decide about everything.
We are influenced by so many things. No matter about whether it is the society or anything else. There are some facts we cannot influence.
Feelings are the best and worst characteristics of human.
To be addicted to someone includes every relationship.
It will be okay to be addicted to someone if you are happy.
If it changes and you become disappointed or sad, then it will be the best way to change your relationship.
Question yourself: “Why am I feeling sad? Does anthing change in our relationship? …”
It takes time to find an answer. You are able to find an answer and a way, which makes you feel better about the relationship.
Maybe the other one can help you to make it easier for you. Look at yourself, your thoughts and try to structure them.
Every relationship includes kind of addiction.Everyone is different. Everyone has another way to make it work.
Addiction seems to be bad, but we all know we are addicted to some people and we cannot change it, because we love them.
So there is this possibility of finding our own way to handle with this feeling of addiction.
Everyone can make it! Love guides us and relationships will always make us strong.
Learn to love to be addicted to the ones you love!

Thoughts about relationships

Don’t we have all these different relationships?
How should we explain anything, which is invisible, not touchable, a feeling?
Isn’t it like describing anything we can’t explain?

It’s the same as relationships
You can call someone a friend
But what does it mean?

It’s like finding a word for one family of flowers. Aren’t they all kind of different?

When we think about the world, nature and life is it possible to describe it the way it really is? There are always these little mysteries, which we can’t explain.

When I look at my friendships. I feel different about every single one. We’re all individuals. We’re all different. We’re special. Every special individuum becomes it own special feeling. That’s why we’re all feeling different about everyone and that’s the reason why we’re all beautiful and special the way we are!

Feelings make our life more wonderful. Friends and relationships are influenced by them. We will never be able to explain how we really feel about anyone, but we’re able to enjoy what we feel and to be happy about these wonderful special persons, who make our life wonderful!