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Nature’s voice


Big place

Becomes bigger and bigger

Do we know or is this a trigger?

It gives us many questions and less answers

We are a very small part of it

But this small part gives us a special place to live

A special place, a gift

A gift we have to care about

A gift we have to share

Share with animals, plants, everything that surrounds us

All these little souls are our neighbors

We have to take care of what is given to us

We have to care of what we know and what we do not know

It is nature’s clue to show us what we are going through

In the past there were periods of heat and cold

We are human


We all have a voice

Nature also has!


Since I was little my heart was looking for home.

A place your heart feels happy

A place your heart is welcome and loved

In general there was always a home.

There was always a place I belonged to but my heart never had this feeling

My heart never belonged anywhere

I was at home but I never had this feeling until I fall in love with feeling home

Love gives me a place I belong to

Gives me strength and hope

Gives me happiness

I am not looking for a place anymore

I am looking for a feeling, a feeling I call home

That’s where I really belong to

That’s where my heart is at home 🙂

Good and bad relationships


Some are strong

Others are wrong

Time shows us

Is it right?

Is it wrong?

Who is the one?

Who belongs?

Negative ones

Bring you down

Make you feel sad

Make you feel mad

Good ones

Make you happy

Make you strong

Are the ones who belong

Never give up on the ones you believe in

Never give up on the ones who believe in you

Make sure you find a good soul

Time is a special part

It shows you whether you are right or wrong

Deep inside your heart you know, who are the ones who stay forever by your side 🙂

Find your way

Life is a way to go

A way to show

Who you are

Want to be star?

Isn’t it far?

Far away from where you stay

Far away from where you play

It is you reaching a goal

Deep in your soul

A whole

A whole you want to fix

A secret you want mix

Mix with your life

To understand your way

And how you survive

It is you going through life

It is you who starts believing

And want to survive.

Go your way and be proud

You are special that is what you have to shout out loud 🙂

Be crazy :)

Sometimes it is about being crazy

It doesn’t matter what people think

What their eyes show you

Or how they react to you

It is important to feel comfortable with yourself

It becomes better every day

In the past I never thought it could be possible for me to become that much selfconfident

Selfconfidence is so important nowadays

We need it to feel happy, to feel strong, to feel life as a gift and to know where we belong 🙂


You are happy

You are true

You are individual

That is the difference between me and you

Let us go for a walk

We see so many different people

They are happy, they are sad

But we are the ones who decide

Whether we are mad

We can choose happiness

We can feel happiness

It is in us

Every thought has the potential to be a happy one

Let us choose

Loose the mad ones

Be happy and have fun

All our lives can be happy

Give it a chance

And don’t give up

Darkness is everywhere

It is part of our lives

But we decide how big the part of darkness becomes

Darkness is in me, darkness is in you

I choose happiness and I hope you will, too 🙂

The place of our hearts

Life is about going


Not knowing

What is going

Going on

Feel strong

Where you belong

It is never wrong

Wrong to loose

You have to choose

Is it your way?

Do you want to stay?

Difficult decision

That is life

No vision

Let us see what life is going to be

Let us see where we belong

Where we want to leave

Leave our hearts at a place

Where we are happy and strong

A place where we belong 🙂

Fascinating nature

A lovely place
We are born in it
We are part of it
Humans are a wonderful part of nature

Another part are the plants
They have this wonderful aura
With its colourful appearance
No matter about whether it is a tree, a flower or a bush
Green makes them so beautiful
It is a color of luck, of hope of positive feelings

Mushrooms another beautiful fascinating part
They are some special creatures
Fascinating ones
Some are poisonous ones, others are very yummy.

Animals another important part of nature
They are our neighbors
Live with us and are wonderful
We should take care of them and respect them
Stones are the hard parts on our earth
They are also fascinating, because there are so many different types of them
Unbelievable this diversity

There are so many things which are so fascinating
When I look at the sky
I see clouds, the sun, the moon and stars
The universe with its planets, comets, black holes, the dark matter and so much more in it
It is so fascinating and it would be great to know much more about it, than we do right now.

It is true nature is fascinating and there are so many things we can explore, but we will never be able to find an explanation for everything
There will always be this magic little secrets we will never know.

Nature gave us the gift to live on the earth and it is up to us to open our hearts for these fascinations.


Life is about decisions

You have to decide

No way to hide

When you are wrong

You become strong

No matter what time it takes

It is your way, no fake

It is all about you

The decision you make is true

Never give up and be strong

We are all humans

Supposed to be wrong

Supposed to become strong 🙂