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My fighting me

Going a way, which is a lucky one
Having these moments of confusion, sadness, frustration
I feel nothing or everything
I’m scared of feeling nothing
I’m scared of it, because I don’t know how strong I am to stand it
I can be strong
And I can do everything wrong
I am what I am
I’ve chosen to be this one
And I have to stop playing tricks on me to make me sad
There is no reason to be sad
No way to feel mad
I’m not bad the way I’m
No thought can make me worse than I’m
Because I’m what I’m supposed to be this one
I can be proud to be
And I’m able to feel loved by the ones I love so much!
It means the world to me, because it gives me this realistic view
It makes everything less bad
It makes me less bad
It’s me a surviver, a dreamer, a fighter, a broken one
But nevertheless there is no way anymore to make this broken one win
It’s there but it’ll never be able to change this feeling of feeling loved
Needed so much time to accept that I’m someone some people really love and I’ll never hurt them anymore, because I can hate everything but never the ones I love and never the one I’m
So I have to take care of me to be able to take care of the ones I love

The one, who makes us smile

We all know this kind of person
The one who always makes us smile

It doesn’t matter whether the one is right beside us or in our thoughts
The one is our reason to smile for

We don’t know why we have chosen exactly this special one
Looking for an answer won’t help us

Let’s be proud of having this one
Let’s enjoy every smile

It’s art to handle relationships
Art because every relationship is different colourful

Found the one I’m so happy with
Found the one I’ll  never wonder if

It’s up to you to choose the one
With whom your life will make fun

Feel Alive

Beautiful poem!


Take me to a cliff and throw, crave me slow.
Cut me with a knife, betray me in life.
I want to feel alive.

Pinch me, Push me, Scare me, Deprive me.
Kiss me, Hug me, Feel me, Love me.
I want to feel alive.

I want to thrive, i want to crash when drive.
I want the night to glow, for it to let my mind blow.
because i want to revive.
because i want to feel alive.

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Creative – uncreative periods

Dear reader

I know I didn’t write many texts this month.
There are times when words fly to my mind and it is easy to write but there is also this opposite side when there is nothing. 
I hope some texts make you think and give you a positive, optimistic feeling.
I have never thought of that so many people would read my texts. I’m happy to catch you with some and started blogging!

That’s me a period every day writer and nonwriter


Waking up
Feeling sleepy

All night long
Turned from one side to the other one

Tried to sleep
But there was no deep

Wanted to rest
My heart, my soul, my mind
But sleep was nothing I could find

Doing the best
Using the next time to rest

Fact about life

Nothing can be so mad, that there is no way to make it a little better.
Life gives us hints.
Life has a structure.
Life gets me to the point I’m right now:
Life has for every mad way a way, which will make us happy again one day
Life made me go ways darker than the night and life showed me that I’d make them and I did.

Think about it: What’s the worst thing that could happen to you?

A letter to my heart

Dear heart

You make me feel
You make me heal

You’re what you’re
Playing tricks on me
Don’t let me forget
The one I love

It’s okay
Every day
Because you taught me
I’m able to see

I’m able to be happy
You told me friendly

I’m going crazy
I’m thinking, not lazy

Tell me what will you reach
When you teach me like this?

Want to show me that it’s okay to love?
I got it. I do. It’s true.

Let me love the one a little less
Found this different way of love
A way to feel wonderful, happy and lucky with
There is no reason anymore to hurt me
Because I know I’ll always love the one in a special way

My heart, you taught me many lessons
You formed me to the one I’m right now
Let us together keep this special friend in our special part of love
I know we’ll make it
You won’t help me
But I’m strong
You won’t hurt me anymore
You make me fight
I’ll show you love doesn’t mean loosing the ones you kept

In love me talking to my heart

Our ways to survive

Two sides
A fight
A gift
Never wonder if

It’s darkness and light
We’re supposed to be sad
We’re supposed to be happy
We’re supposed to make sadness and happiness fit together
Changing weather

Living right now
Using the past to learn how
How to handle life
How to survive

Using the present
Your inspiration
Your own creation
To find a liveable way
You’re going
You will never stay

It’s you
Making your life true

There have to be two sides
Two fights
To accept the dark side
To accept the bright one
No one said life will be fun

Playing tricks on yourself
Making little lovely things to the greatest ones
It will take some months
But you are able to be happy
You’re able to create your happy sadness

It’s like you and me
Two stories, two lives
Two different ways to survive

We’ll make it
Both in a different way
Our goal: Our life
Our ways to survive!