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I am someone, who connects problems with the beauty of nature. Everything can be wonderful. You have to open your heart and mind to see it. So you will always have a reason to smile! I am a thinker, who writes about topics, which come to my mind. Today I do not know about what I am going to write tomorrow. Every day is like a surprise and that is what I am and my blog stands for: SURPRISE

Learn and think

We learn and think


Learnd to think

Thought to learn


A thoughtful learning

A learnful thinking


Confused about learning and thinking?

Learn after thinking!

Life is our mission 🙂


Creative heads

We are all a part of creativity
We create
We are created by us and others
We are creations

Let us draw a picture
A painter

Let us sing
A singer

Let us play an instrument
A musician

Let us dance to the music
A dancer

We are all creative heads
Let us share our creativity to create a creative community 🙂


Magic is here.
Magic is there.
Isn’t it everywhere?

Can’t see it
Can’t touch it
Can’t smell it
Can’t taste it

Can feel it
A gift from the universe
It is sent to us

Just feel it
And you will see
It is a friend
Holding our hand
Right now where we stand

It opens our mind
To see what we do not find

Magic is there
Magic is there
Magic is everywhere

Let us go for a walk #3

An open and free mind to see what we are not able to see, when we think about anything.
Be quiet! Listen to the wind. The leaves fall down.
Open your eyes! Watch a hedgehog eating worms. Watch a squirrel  carrying nuts to its hiding place. Watch birds flying to the south.
Smell! You can smell soil, mushrooms and leaves.
Taste! It tastes dewy.
Feel! You feel harmony. Nature sings the song of harmony for you.
Close your eyes and listen.
It will flow through your body.
It flows through you with harmony.
You found a place of harmony.