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Time is a gift

Never forget about time
Time is limited
Time is true
Time is me
And time is you

Spending time
With your family
Your favourite activities
To be lucky

Time makes lucky
Time makes sad
But you and me know you decide and do you want to feel mad?

Some people we met
Maybe they were not the right ones but they are our experience, which has made us wiser.
Every pain makes us fight
Every pain no reason to hide

Time doesn’t make things better
The worst things that had happened to us would never be forgotten.
Time doesn’t change anything but we can learn to accept what had happened in the past and are able to find a way to feel okay with it one day.
Maybe the pain will always be there somehow but that’s okay
It’s okay, isn’t it?
Pain makes us change
We have to arrange

Time is a gift
With all its positive and negative sides

Feel to be lucky, think to be unlucky
We’re creatures supposed to feel and supposed to think
We are the ones, who have to make these fit together
The time will send us sunny weather
Sunny weather to feel and think true
Sunny weather to know the mystery of time in me and in you


You cannot touch it. You cannot see it.
You can feel it.
But what is it?

Luck is you. Luck is me.
Luck is everything you can see.

Feeling lucky is great.
It makes you happy.
It makes you smile.
It is wonderful. No way to deny.

Take everything you feel lucky about.
Never forget about the little things.
Simple things are the ones, which can mean so much to you.
They can make you feel lucky more than everything else.
These little things are all parts of luck.
You are the one, who has to open your eyes to see them.
You are the one, who can see luck.
You are the one, who can feel luck.

You are a lucky one. Never forget about it!

Living in the present

When do we start living right now?
When do we stop living in the past?
We all have our memories. Some are good, others bad.

What do they teach us?
The past forms us to the ones we are right now.
Without all these experiences, without past as a teacher, we would never be the ones we are right now.
We do not understand why all these different things happen to us.
What we know is that we are our formers. We go our ways. Every single one her/ his own one.
Our goals are as different as we individuums are.
We all try to find the “perfect” way to reach these goals.

Some of us forget about humanity. They are focussed as programmed machines.
It seems to be that they have no emotions anymore, no sympathy for others.
They are going alone on their egoistic way.

Of course all humans are egoists. But we all decide how we handle with this characteristic.
These people suppress their humanity. I mean they suppress their emotions and their sympathy for other human beings.

When we ask ourselves: How much egoism is healthy?
Do you have any answer of these questions. If you like, you will leave a comment.

Changing society

We live in a world influenced by technology.
Humans, who decided to own a world, improve it.
We become more and more influenced by it.
Little children with their own smart phones, with their own tablets.
Five year old children are more often playing with their technology items than enjoying nature.
Is it a process, which helps us to be more happy with our lives?
Of course technology is helpful for the global connections, industry etc. But is it necessary, that it influences us so hard in our every day lives?

Technology keeps us away from nature. It destroys our inner harmony, because we become more and more addicted to it.
We are creatures formed by nature. Isn’t nature the place we should spend most of our time?
Many people forget about it. Isn’t it great to have a walk in a park? Isn’t it great to climb a mountain?
Isn’t it great to sit in the grass and to close your eyes only to listen to all the animals, to the melody of the wind?
It is peaceful, isn’t it?

Not everyone feels close to nature. In my opinion it is the result of development.
We all have this inner instinct, which connects us to nature.
We can see the beauty of it, but most of us close their eyes. It is like listen to your heart, to your feelings and you will find the origin place you belong to.

When we forget about the spirit of nature, how are we able to live a lucky life?
Luck is defined different by every single individuum. But we belong to this process of evolution and a part of us will always remember it.
Some suppress their connction to nature, others understand how important it is to enjoy and spend time in nature.
We are able to find the spirit of nature.

To the ones, who forgot about it: Open your hearts and you will find a place of peace, joy and luck.

To the ones, who know the spirit: Isn’t nature a magic place?

Wish you a lovely day!


I woke up in the morning. The sun was shining. My eyes met a picture called “My happy tree” drawn by a wonderful friend of mine. It always makes me smile!

I started my day doing this colourful, delicious breakfast! It’s blueberry yogurt, a vegan one with banana and raspberries.
I’m happy, because of this wonderful morning.

Never forget about these little things, which make you happy and smile!

Keep on enjoying your life, keep on doing the things, which make you a lucky one and keep on smiling! 🙂

Peaceful nature

Today it was a very lovely day!
I spent some time outside and went for a walk. It was wonderful to see all these different flowers and trees.

Here are some pictures of my favorite plants:


Isn’t the colour of the leaves fascinating?
I watched this tree and enjoyed its aura very much!


This tree made me think of the circle of life. For me it represents life and death, because the light and dark colours found both a place at this tree.


It was so wonderful to stand under these roses!  They were hanging down above my head. It made me feel like they were watching me and they caught me with their beauty!

Here are a few more flowers:




You chose all these plants to make the world more colourful, more beautiful.
It’s a gift to go for a walk while all these fascinating plants surround us.
You are so happy and peaceful and you always make me feel like that.
You always have a place for me to find this natural happiness in you!
I appreciate you and all your chosen creatures!

Relationships, luck and me

Relationships are their own philosophies.

There are these two sides in me:
The first one wants to meet new people.
The second one doesn’t.

It’s less the first side, which guides me. It’s the second one.

I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with words. I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with relationships and people themselves.

I try to understand why relationships are so confusing for me. I’m not scared of anything, which could happen. I’m choosy, very choosy! It has always been like that. It might be good. It might be bad. It’s both.

I have close relationships or no ones. There is no way for me to have less close relationships. That’s why all these close relationships have much importance. This importance is special for me. This importance is wonderful. This importance is blessing and curse, because this importance makes me more and more addicted to these special friends. Friends have chosen each other to go their friendship-way together.

A friend is a part of my luck. We choose lucky things on our own and friends are my chosen luck. Whether it is good or bad is up to how I handle with it.

I’m someone who normally goes from one extreme to the next one. It’s hard to find a way of distance, but I’m able to have a distance. I have to be able to have it, otherwise it would end in a dilemma.

It’s a philosophy I’m working on it.

It’s important that every relationship is positive for both in it is my message for you!