Monthly Archives: February 2016


A fire
A flame
Deep inside you

Is it small?
Is it big?
Is it growing?
Is it sick?

If it’s small,  it’ll grow
If it’s big, it’ll become bigger
If it’s growing,  it’ll shine brighter
If it’s sick,  it’ll be able to change

Passion is an energy.  You decide for what your inner flame burns. It makes you strong. It makes you fight.  It makes you love what you do.

In my opinion dancing is my passion. It makes me happy,  mentally and physically strong.
It’s like going through life in a second way.

Passion is a wonderful gift.

What is your passion?


It is all about the present, the past and the future

The past went by
Fast or slow?
Easy or hard?
It is every individuums card

The future is close
Not touchable for those
You have plans
Haven’t you?
Future is going to show you
What is going on with them
Don’t hide behind them
Be flexible

The present is here
Be happy my dear
Enjoy every moment, every minute, every second
Every smile is precious

Time is not wasting
It is a gift
Your gift and mine
Love the time and it is fine