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These little things, which make us smile

Never forget about these little things, which make you smile!
Every laugh is special
Every smile makes you more beautiful

Don’t take a journey to find luck
There is none
Luck is here
Luck is there
Luck is in you and me
We have to open our eyes to see

These little things are all part of our luck
Take care of them!
You’re able to be a lucky one
Open your mind and heart to see through the eyes of luck


Scared of changing friendships

I’m happy about all my friendships.
I’m proud of every single one, because they’re differently special.
I’m scared of meeting new faces.
Scared that new faces will change something.
We all will meet new ones. We all will find other people, who will make us happy. I’m scared that it’ll change our friendships.

The past showed me, that humans are influenced by humans. Some more others less but they all are. There might be a situation that you’re someone’s best friend and this someone meets another person, who becomes more and more her/ his best friend and you become less and less her/ his best friend. It hurts and I’m scared to get hurt by the ones I love.

I’m watching humans, because it’s the best way to learn about them.
I also know that fear is dangerous because it makes humans act differently. It’s important not to get totally influenced by it. It’s okay to be scared of loosing the ones you love but there is this other side called trust.

Trust is so important and trust can be the best and worst, because it makes you lucky or it hurts. Trust is special between two people. Friends are the ones you can trust. You’ll never know whether it is right or wrong. If it’s right it’ll be enjoyable. If it’s wrong you’ll have made a new experience, which makes you wiser.

Of course there will be new faces in my life and in yours but I also know that no matter, who becomes part of your life I’ll do my very best to make you lucky, my friend. I’m scared, very scared but I trust you, because it’s love, which takes care of you and me.

Time is a gift

Never forget about time
Time is limited
Time is true
Time is me
And time is you

Spending time
With your family
Your favourite activities
To be lucky

Time makes lucky
Time makes sad
But you and me know you decide and do you want to feel mad?

Some people we met
Maybe they were not the right ones but they are our experience, which has made us wiser.
Every pain makes us fight
Every pain no reason to hide

Time doesn’t make things better
The worst things that had happened to us would never be forgotten.
Time doesn’t change anything but we can learn to accept what had happened in the past and are able to find a way to feel okay with it one day.
Maybe the pain will always be there somehow but that’s okay
It’s okay, isn’t it?
Pain makes us change
We have to arrange

Time is a gift
With all its positive and negative sides

Feel to be lucky, think to be unlucky
We’re creatures supposed to feel and supposed to think
We are the ones, who have to make these fit together
The time will send us sunny weather
Sunny weather to feel and think true
Sunny weather to know the mystery of time in me and in you

Love sickness

There might be days when it hurts
It hurts, you are crying, because a part of you is dying

Dying, because it hurts
Dying, because you cannot stand the truth

The truth, it can be the best and worst
The worst to know that you are not the one, who will be able to make a special one lucky
The worst to know that one day there will be someone, who will make this special one lucky

But you know that this day will arrive, when you have to stand the truth
When you have to accept, that this special one will be lucky with someone else
But you will wish them the best, because what you want is that the one you love becomes lucky
And you know, that you will be happy somehow, when the one you love becomes this lucky one.

Maybe you have to let this special one go
Maybe you will be able to be by her/his side and will make her/him lucky in a different way

It hurts like hell
No matter how it ends

Feeling supposed to make you smile every single day
Your smile is the best gift in the world
Maybe I will never be able to let you go
But it doesn’t matter whether I can or can’t
I will always tell you how special you are. I will never make you forget, that you are the most wonderful person in the world for me. I will always give you this feeling to be a lucky one and I will never make you forget about that you are loved by me in a very special way.

Yes it hurts, but mostly I feel supposed to make you lucky in a way, which works for you and me.
I am happy about the existence of it and I am proud of loving you the way I do.
It hurts on a few days but most of the time I recognize that loving you is the way, which makes me smile, happy and lucky. I know one day there will be someone else, who will be supposed to make me lucky in a special way but I know, that you will always have this special place in my heart and I will never be able to forget about this feeling you make me feel. Someone else will make me feel loved in a different way but it will never feel like the feeling you make me feel.

It is great to love. Of course it hurts sometimes, but love is the best way to be lucky. Maybe you are not supposed to make the one you love lucky in the way you want to, but one day there will be another one, who will be loved by you in a different way, but this different way can also be a way, which will make you a lucky one. Keep on loving!

Another try to smile

Feeling lonely
It’s like killing me only

Every thought
No one taught

Surfing in the dark
Eaten by a shark

Lost in the middle of nowhere
Hard to breath, no air

What’s going on?
Something went totally wrong

Going on
A path along

Inspired by a different view
Other thoughts to chew

Looking for the sun
A place of fun

Remembering little lights
They’re like little fights

Every smile
Taking me closer to home for a while

Supposed to have a bad day
Supposed to take it away

Supposed to have a good day
But both are not supposed to stay

Let’s smile, because it’s worth it
It’ll make mind and soul become fit


You can be frustrated in many ways.
Frustration at school, university, work
Frustration in relationships
Frustration at your favorite activities
Or frustrated because of yourself

These downs of frustration when you think: There isn’t anything anymore, which could make it worse than it is right now.
A possibility is to find a way to make it better somehow.
Ways. What kind of ways?
1 .You’re feeling okay with it and aren’t doing anything. A way, which is too easy, isn’t it?
2. You’re feeling thoughtful and try to find out what’s going on. Another way a little more difficult but more effective, isn’t it?

We have the choice between two ways. There are days when you choose the first one, because you don’t feel strong enough to choose the second one. There might be days when you feel sad. Days when you’re mad. You and I know that these days aren’t the end. They are our tasks, which teach us to get the strength to choose the second way.
Working on the way how we’re thinking about us makes it possible to get over frustration. We cannot influence what’s going on around us. There might be many people/ situations, who/ which make us angry, sad, frustrated and/ or disappointed. We cannot change them but we can decide how much they badly influence us.

I made an experience yesterday. This fact a human isn’t a machine it’s logical but sometimes I forget about it. I went to my dancing lesson. I’m doing my very best every time, but there are days when nothing works. There was this situation when someone told me that I had to take care of myself, because they needed me. These words make me thoughtful right now, because I was so angry, disappointed and frustrated of myself that I forgot about the fact that I’m of course dancing for myself but I’m also a part of a group, who needs me. I learnt that it’s okay to be frustrated and to have a bad day but the most important fact is that I should never forget about why I’m dancing. It’s because of passion, fun, fascination and the art to connect moves with music.

Frustration will always be a part in our lives, but we can decide how it treats us. We can learn to find ways, which make it a little easier to get over it. Everyone has to find her/his own way.


The most difficult way is to talk about feelings.
You can do your best in trying to describe how you feel about someone or something, but it never says how you really feel about it.

Words try to help us to tell others how we feel. Words try to help us to make us feel better. Words try to help us to explain the most wonderful feelings.
Words try, words try, words try … But why can’t they exactly tell us and others how we feel? Why are they not able to explain a feeling?

A feeling is something we are not able to touch. It is there. We can feel it, but we do not know how others feel, we do not know anything else about feelings except our owns.

It would be great to know how others feel. Of course we have this part of emotions, which shows somehow how we feel, but how does it influence every single one of us?

I do not have an answer for any question. I know how I feel. Maybe I can imagine how others feel. But it is only imagination and not knowledge.
Maybe we are similar, because we are all humans. But what would it be like if we were not as similar as we think we are?
I guess we are similar in many ways. But feelings seem to be something different.

Fascinating, I know how I feel. But how do you feel?

Love and emotional addiction

Every day
Another way

Walking along
Singing our song

Meeting new faces
They give us hints and traces

We want to know some
Others not
We choose some
We’re not going on spot

Addicted isn’t it bad?
Addicted a way to feel mad?

Yes and no
I’ll show

Yes, because if you were emotional addicted, you’d be think: There is no choice to live without this person.
No, because we’re all addicted in a way to the ones we love.
It’s up to how we handle with it
To find a way to make it fit

Loving and feeling emotional addicted
Two feelings, which are so close to each other, that there doesn’t seem to be a bound. There is one but it’s hard to define it.

I’m not anyone, who knows exactly how to handle with it
It’s so difficult
To make it fit

What I want to let you know:
The best way to find out what’s going on with yourself is: You have to look at what’s happening with yourself, whether you’re badly influenced by addiction or not. If you recognise that you’re badly influenced, you’ll be able to change your thoughts about this person you’re addicted to. It’s possible! It’s not easy, but that’s life and we can make it to find a way through all the tasks life gives us.

Never forget about believing in yourself!
If you want to, you’ll make it
You’re the one, who have the chance to take it!

That’s life

Every day I am writing
It is another way of fighting

A good way to find a way through life
A good way to find reasons to survive

My topics might be very different
They all touch my heart in a different way
Writing means a lot to me I say

What I want to let you know
Do what ever makes you happy and you will go
Go a way where you want to stay
You are happy, you are strong
No reason to think about, might it go wrong?

Enjoy life and never forget about it
Because you are the one, who makes life fit