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A letter to love

Dear love

What would a life be without you?

You are taking and giving
You hurt and make us happy
You are everything and nothing
What are you?

You are invisible
Makes people believe to be invincable

You are this feeling
Shows us, you make us healing

Somehow you are playing with us
You know we have to deal with you
Because what would a life be without you?
For me and for you
No choice
We need you

Having people in our hearts
Because of you
It makes us believing
It gives us strength
We are never lonely because of you
You take our hands and speaks out loud of our hearts
We have to listen to you
Sometimes you hurt, sometimes you make a dream come true

Love, you are special, you make us special and makes the ones special we love.

In love my thoughtful me talking to you


Feeling lonely?

We carry around some feelings.
Deep in us there is this fear of feeling and being lonely.
Are we lonely?
Ingeneral there are some people, who love us, who would never make us feel lonely.
We are proud of having them in our life.
They give us strength.
They inspire us.
We are not lonely. That’s a fact.
We make us feel lonely. Maybe we are not in a relationship. We are desperate. 
Of course it is important somehow, but it depends on how we handle with it.
It would make us less lonely but never forget about that you’re not lonely even without it.
There is this fear of feeling lonely. Appreciate the ones, who you love, the ones, who love you, to stand this fear.

Keep a try
You will not deny
You’re your guide
Have no reason to hide
Keep your good thoughts
They’ll make you smile
Like going on holiday for a while
Fears are no reasons for tears

Are you lonely?
No way!
Thoughts guide you.
It’s up to you in which way.


Humans want to be free.
They want to be themselves.
But as much they want to decide about their life, they are not able to decide about everything.
We are influenced by so many things. No matter about whether it is the society or anything else. There are some facts we cannot influence.
Feelings are the best and worst characteristics of human.
To be addicted to someone includes every relationship.
It will be okay to be addicted to someone if you are happy.
If it changes and you become disappointed or sad, then it will be the best way to change your relationship.
Question yourself: “Why am I feeling sad? Does anthing change in our relationship? …”
It takes time to find an answer. You are able to find an answer and a way, which makes you feel better about the relationship.
Maybe the other one can help you to make it easier for you. Look at yourself, your thoughts and try to structure them.
Every relationship includes kind of addiction.Everyone is different. Everyone has another way to make it work.
Addiction seems to be bad, but we all know we are addicted to some people and we cannot change it, because we love them.
So there is this possibility of finding our own way to handle with this feeling of addiction.
Everyone can make it! Love guides us and relationships will always make us strong.
Learn to love to be addicted to the ones you love!

Way through disappointment

Loving people and hating them.
These feelings are so close to each other.
There are moments you enjoy so much.
There are others when there is only hate.

Someone disappoints you.
Maybe you feel sad.
Maybe you are angry.
Maybe you are confused.
Maybe you are feeling like everything together.

There is this possibility of loosing yourself while you feel hate.
You really do not know what you do. You are in anger and say stupid things to this person.
You apologize after recognising that you have totally overreacted.

Or you can control yourself.
You are able to think about this situation. You ask yourself why does this person act like this?
You try to find out a reason for yourself. You ask yourself why.
You are looking at yourself. Did you do anything wrong? Were there mistakes you did? You question yourself.
You try to calm down.
Maybe you think about or do something else.
We humans are ingenious. We find something, which make us feel happy.
It does not answer our problems, but it helps us to have positive feelings, which let us see things more clearly.
We become more and more strength to talk about our feelings, about our bad ones.

We are able to confront the other one with the situation, because we want to find out why this had happened.
There are two ways. The first one would be you get an answer, which makes sense.
The other way is. You get an answer, which does not make any sense to you.
Whether this disappointment seperates people from each other, is up to everyone.
We all can decide about everything we do. We all have this option of going a way we feel comfortable with.
It is up to us to take care of what we do, how we act and how we treat others.


What would it be like to fly?
What would it be like to reach the sky?

Dreams are like this
Imagine lying on a fluffy cloud
Lying on it would make you feel proud

You would see everything from another point of view
You could see your life totally new

Escape only for a while
Wouldn’t it be healthy for some time?

You can try is to figure out
What are the things, which make you proud

Isn’t dreaming breaking out for a while?
Isn’t it the way, which makes you fly?

Bright side of winter

Winter a cold and snowy time
All the plants are under the snow
A white snow cover lying on the earth

It is a dark, rainy, swowy and depressed time
Some become influenced by it
Others not

No matter about how dark anything is or seems to be
There is always a dark side and a bright one
We can decide somehow whether we want to become influenced by something, which makes us depressed or not.
We can decide whether we look at the dark side of winter, or whether we look at the beautiful side of winter.
Winter has its beautiful side. It is cold of course, but it has this white elegance, which is very fascinating.
We can admire this elegance. Snowflaces are falling down. It is a wonderful picture drawn by nature.

If you keep this wonderful sides in your heart, you will always be able to find a way to feel happy!

Complex humans

What is going on in our minds?
Are we able to find out what others are thinking?
We can talk to them. We can look in their eyes.
There are possibilities to analyse a person’s face, whether he/she tells the truth or not.
But are we able to find out, what persons really think and mean while we are talking to them?
Humans are so conplex in thinking and acting.
Watching them should be a possibility to find out more about them, but it is not.
You can try to use it as a possibility, but as more you are watching them, as less you are able to understand them.
It is totally confusing to analyse someone.

I am not able to give an useful answer to all these questions.
I guess the first step is to understand myself before I can understand others.
But trying to analyse myself is as confusing as analysing other ones.
I do not want to know everything about anyone. I only want to try to understand how humans are structured.

Maybe there will never be an exactly answer for all these questions, but fact is that we are all complex in the way we are thinking and acting.
Maybe there will be a day to understand why we are who we are and maybe we will never know.
Nevertheless we can try to learn more about ourselves and we can learn about other ones.
Fascinating, isn’t it?

Live right now

I am thinking
Water drinking

Open my eyes
Truth, no lies

I look around
Silence, no sound

Thinking about the past
Time runs fast

Going to the middle of nowhere
Stop, because there is no air

Look, what do you see?
Maybe a place you would rather be?

Of course not
You are going on spot

Right now there is you
Thoughts make your present true

You decide what you do
You make your thoughts come true

Christmas text

Days like Christmas remind me of how wonderful it is to spend time with people you love.
It reminds me of being happy about little things.
It is not important to get a present, which you can buy with money.
It is the time, which is so important, which is endless and which will end for you one day.
Spending time with the ones you love is the best gift you can give and take in return.

On christmas I love thinking about the ones I love. (To my family and friends: I love you and I am thinking of you 🙂 )
It makes me feel wonderful and unbelievable proud to have these ones in my life.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a wonderful christmas time and enjoy spending time with the ones you love.