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Magic is in the air

When I look into your eyes
It’s the truth
A surprise

It’s your soul
Which caught me

Your soul
I feel your heart beat

Magic is in the air


Broken hearted: Crying rivers

Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
You feel helpless.
Somehow caught in your feelings.

You are going crazy every time you start thinking.
Everything is so confusing.
Feelings confuse you.

You are not chosen for the one you fall in love with.
At first it makes you disappointed. You feel desperate, sad and mad.
You cry every night. Tears run down your face and create a river.
It is your river filled with all your love, with all your pain and your other feelings.

You swim in your river for a while.
It needs time to get out of it.

But you are able to make it!
Love is the best and worst that can happen to you.
We all need love. We are all addicted to love.
It is the reason why love can hurt so badly.

Important is a little hope. We have hope. Hope will always be there if we don’t black it out.
And one day, we will find our love, who makes us to the happiest human in the world.

Is the way we love influenced by society?

Sometimes I ask myself: Are we supposed to love one person?
When I imagine a world, which is not structured by society, would we love in the same way?
I mean when we are broken hearted, would it be so hard for us?

We are living in a world, structured and influenced by society.
We have different religions, different lives, but all in all most of us have this picture in their head: Two persons, who love each other. There might be children and a house.
Society teachs us this picture.Our mind is somehow influenced by it.
I ask myself is this picture natural? Is it a way nature wants us to live?
I mean ingeneral we are all directed by our instincts but society makes us supress these ones.
Some people supress them more, others less but we all do.
We become lovesick, when anyone does not love us, but why is it so difficult to get over it?

I wrote this text, because I have no answers of all these questions. I have my opinion about it, but it would be great to know how you think about it.
If you like you will leave a comment.

My love

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by
It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find you

It’s just like
I want to make you smile
I want to make you happy when you’re sad

I want to surprise you. I love to surprise you! I dream of surprising you.

I want to make you feel like you’re the most special one in the world
I want to make you feel like you’re the most beautiful one in the world

You mean the world to me. Maybe I know you. Maybe I don’t know you.
But the one thing I know is: I love you!

My sensible me with a message to you

I know I’m someone, who is sensible for everything. It’s like a person, who loves me and so do I, feels pain, is disappointed, frustrated, depressed … and that’s what I feel too. I can help them somehow. I do my very best but I’m not one of these ones who have any distance between me and the other person. It’s like when things are bad I don’t feel bad or mad I feel pain . It hurts. I know it can be dangerous to be so addicted to others but I confront myself with it and do my very best not to get broken by any of these situations. There is now a period of time in which I learn to take care of trust, which was given to me. I’m learning right now that there are friends, who love me the way I’m and they trust me. This fact is sometimes unbelievable for me!
I tell you these facts about me, because you’re never lonely with whatever you do or whoever you are. We all have our difficulties but we all are able to find a way to make it.
There is you and there is me, we are so different but in some ways we might be similar to each other. We’re never lonely no matter what we’re going through! 🙂

Love and emotional addiction

Every day
Another way

Walking along
Singing our song

Meeting new faces
They give us hints and traces

We want to know some
Others not
We choose some
We’re not going on spot

Addicted isn’t it bad?
Addicted a way to feel mad?

Yes and no
I’ll show

Yes, because if you were emotional addicted, you’d be think: There is no choice to live without this person.
No, because we’re all addicted in a way to the ones we love.
It’s up to how we handle with it
To find a way to make it fit

Loving and feeling emotional addicted
Two feelings, which are so close to each other, that there doesn’t seem to be a bound. There is one but it’s hard to define it.

I’m not anyone, who knows exactly how to handle with it
It’s so difficult
To make it fit

What I want to let you know:
The best way to find out what’s going on with yourself is: You have to look at what’s happening with yourself, whether you’re badly influenced by addiction or not. If you recognise that you’re badly influenced, you’ll be able to change your thoughts about this person you’re addicted to. It’s possible! It’s not easy, but that’s life and we can make it to find a way through all the tasks life gives us.

Never forget about believing in yourself!
If you want to, you’ll make it
You’re the one, who have the chance to take it!

A letter to my heart

Dear heart

You make me feel
You make me heal

You’re what you’re
Playing tricks on me
Don’t let me forget
The one I love

It’s okay
Every day
Because you taught me
I’m able to see

I’m able to be happy
You told me friendly

I’m going crazy
I’m thinking, not lazy

Tell me what will you reach
When you teach me like this?

Want to show me that it’s okay to love?
I got it. I do. It’s true.

Let me love the one a little less
Found this different way of love
A way to feel wonderful, happy and lucky with
There is no reason anymore to hurt me
Because I know I’ll always love the one in a special way

My heart, you taught me many lessons
You formed me to the one I’m right now
Let us together keep this special friend in our special part of love
I know we’ll make it
You won’t help me
But I’m strong
You won’t hurt me anymore
You make me fight
I’ll show you love doesn’t mean loosing the ones you kept

In love me talking to my heart

Fire of love

A fire inside you
Keeps you warm
Is your energy
Your beauty
Your destiny

When all these positive feelings crash together
You feel like being the happiest human in the world
It’s great sometimes, isn’t it?

Beauty of life comes from inside us
Everyone has his/ her own beauty
share it with the ones we love
share it with the ones who love us
Is the best feeling ever

This fire inside us
It’s always there
It takes care

We can light it up
Make us shine bride
To enjoy what we are
To love us and the ones we love

Family and Friendships

Everyone knows them
We all have them

There are these ones you are born in
The ones, who love you, because they are supposed to love you
Your family

Of course there are always two sides, because family is a home, which you cannot choose.
You can be a lucky one and be happy and proud of having these wonderful family members, but there is also the opposite side.
Some have a big family others a small one.
Our families we are born.
Of course it depends on every person, how a relationship between two people works.
But what we know is, that we can do our best to make it work.
Of course there are the ones, who make it possible to have a good relationship, but there are also the ones, who make it impossible to have a good relationship with them.

So we can say family can be a part of us, which make us happy and proud
But it also can be a part, which make us sad.

There is this possibility we always have: Looking for friends!
A risk and luck.
When you meet someone the first time, you have this feeling in your stomach, whether you like this person or not.
This feeling, we all know it, but the question why do we feel like it, do you think there might be an answer?
I do not find any. Of course we are influenced by the appearance and by the acting of the person, but it does not answer my question.
We start to like a person. We talk to each other, get to know each other and become friends.
There might be two ways now. Your friend is not the kind of person, which make your friendship work or your friend is exactly the one for a wonderful friendship.
You are having this wonderful friend now. You spend time together and will share many memories.
But most important you love each other in a wonderful, special way. A friendship love.
Friendships are like having a second family. It is like a chosen one. You decide who becomes part of it.
Loving these friends is a wonderful feeling!
BUT never give up yourself for anyone of your friends. I did this mistake a few times. It is no way to make a friendship work. It will be supposed to break up, if you act like this.
A hint: If you know what I am talking about, start changing yourself, your thoughts about yourself to learn to love yourself, it will make you happy and will make you able to have a friendship that works.
A friendship is a relationship, which makes you strong, makes you feel loved and makes you love.
A friend is like a mirror, you will find someone new in it, but you also will find yourself.

Take care of the ones, who love you and never forget, that a relationship between two people is a gift.
Like waking up every day. You can say it is normal.
But for me it is wonderful to wake up every single day.
It is wonderful to have my family.
Wonderful to have this magic, lovely friends in my life.
And wonderful to have a healthy life, which gives me a possibility to make memories with the ones I love so much!

Learn to love

All these feelings
They influence us

Going my way
Don’t know where to stay

All these thoughts
These situations
Confusing, totally confusing

Which way to go when you know you cannot find a way to feel comfortable with love?
What is when you know, that no matter what you do, love will badly influence you?

When you went through life
Used love to make yourself more and more die
When you haven’t found a way, which make you feel comfortable with it one day.

Of course love is great
Of course it is one of the most wonderful feelings
It seems to be so difficult to me to handle with it
Nearly impossible to make it fit

But never giving up
Because life has a surprise and a gift, which is luck
Feeling lucky about friendships
Best teachers to learn to love and to feel loved

Finding a way to feel comfortable with love one day.