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It’s a gift
For someone
You might not know for whom
But it doesn’t matter
Because a smile makes everything a little better

It’s a gift
For you
You feel happy and lucky
You laugh about a funny situation
Your smile is your own creation

It’s a gift for you and me
Let’s open our eyes to see


Peaceful nature

Today it was a very lovely day!
I spent some time outside and went for a walk. It was wonderful to see all these different flowers and trees.

Here are some pictures of my favorite plants:


Isn’t the colour of the leaves fascinating?
I watched this tree and enjoyed its aura very much!


This tree made me think of the circle of life. For me it represents life and death, because the light and dark colours found both a place at this tree.


It was so wonderful to stand under these roses!  They were hanging down above my head. It made me feel like they were watching me and they caught me with their beauty!

Here are a few more flowers:




You chose all these plants to make the world more colourful, more beautiful.
It’s a gift to go for a walk while all these fascinating plants surround us.
You are so happy and peaceful and you always make me feel like that.
You always have a place for me to find this natural happiness in you!
I appreciate you and all your chosen creatures!

Our stars

My star
You are so far
Far away
I look at you
Every single day

You are by my side
Day is a chance to hide
But what I know is you
Shining bride and true

Lights up the dark blue sky
For me that is the reason why
Feeling proud to see you
Having a feeling of
You make my dreams come true

My star, you make me shine
Your aura is so devine
When you make me heal
I know how to feel

My star, my light
My guide
My hope
My dope

Lights up my heart
Makes my mind smart

When you look to the sky
You find a reason why
Your star is shining bride out there
It is there and takes care

Open your heart for the fascination of nature

A lovely place
We are born in it
We are part of it
Humans one wonderful part of nature

Another part are the plants
They have this wonderful aura
With its colourful appearance
No matter about whether it is a tree, a flower or a bush
Green makes them so beautiful
It is a color of luck, of hope of positive feelings

Mushrooms another beautiful fascinating part
They are some special creatures
Fascinating ones
Some are poisonous ones, others are very Yummy.

Animals another important part of nature
They are our neighbors
Live with us and are wonderful
We should take care of them and respect them
Stones are the hard parts on our earth
They are also fascinating, because there are so many different types of them
Unbelievable this diversity

There are so many things which are so fascinating
When I look at the sky
I see clouds, the sun, the moon and stars
The universe with its planets, comets, black holes, the dark matter and so much more in it
It is so fascinating and it would be great to know much more about it, than we do right now.

It is true nature is fascinating and there are so many things we can explore, but we will never be able to find an explanation for everything
There will always be this magic little secrets we will never know.

Nature gave us the gift to live on the earth and it is up to us to open our hearts for these fascinations.