Show of nature

Find it here

Find it there

Noise is everywhere

Find a place of silence

Does make sense

Offers a chance

But is it true

A place of silence

For me and you?

It is the music of forest playing to us

The wind blows

A bird flows

A show of nature is showing to us

Let us make our minds free

To open our hearts

And let us see

The show of nature πŸ™‚


About people

People are here

Are there

Are everywhere

Some are nice

Some like fries

It is like throwing a dice

Surrounded by many minds

It is hard to find

The one, who is kind

Just remember you decide

Who is wrong and who is right

Let us see

Where we are going to be

When we know

And people throw

Words of hate

Words of fate

To make them go

Love them slow


We are a part of creativity
We create
We are created by us and others
We are creations

Let us draw a picture
A painter

Let us sing
A singer

Let us play an instrument
A musician

Let us dance to the music
A dancer

We are all creative heads
Let us spread our creativity πŸ™‚

Dream of happiness

Dreams are here
Dreams are there
Dreams are everywhere

Dreams at night
Within a dark fight
A journey, a flight
in the night

Fighting against whom?
Against the darkness, soon.

Daydreamers starring around
Not making a sound
Their thoughts run around

Look, what is it? A laughter, a smile
They go with happiness not only for a while

Happiness is with us
Open your eyes
It doesn’t matter whether confident or shy

Just look through the eyes of happiness
You will see your dream is your life
It is happiness in our lives, which always survives.




Your life, your choice

Dreaming of yesterday
Dreaming of today
The dream will stay

What has happened?
What happens now?
It’s your life, your own show

Your life is connected to your dreams
You are a person, the one who believes

You are the one, who can decide
Decide about your dreams
Decide about your lives
Pardon, I mean life.

Look at yourself
Is it the one you want to help?

Yes of course, you are your own healer.
You are the one your own life’s dealer.

Make a decision
Take your choice

Do and act
Your life is written by you
That is a fact πŸ™‚


Life and learning

Life is about learning

Born to breath
Getting older to crawl, go and run.

Kindergarten to get in contact with other kids.
Social behaviour is the keyword.

We learn to play, be creative and explore the world.
We are hungry for knowledge.

School starts.
Our pre-job.
It is up to us how we leave school.

It is up to us how we create our future.
We decide what we learn.
We decide what we want to reach.
Let’s use our brains and its ability to learn.
We design our lives in our brains.
Let’s transfer our imagination to reality.

Temptation of darkness

It is dark
A little spark
Shines bride
There is no hide

A little star
In the universe so far

The universe a place to loose
The universe a place to choose

You, lost in the croud
You, one of a million
Don’t you feel proud?

Look at you
Are you loosing yourself right now?
No, not yet.
No, not like this.
Don’t be seduced by the darkness’ kiss

It is dark
A little spark
Shines bride
There is no hide

It is you
The light in the dark
The little spark
Your innerst is as strong as a shark.

Believe in you and yourself
You will see it helps

Take your thoughts
Take a breath
The darkness’ temptation is trash.

Go your way
Start your life
Remember you are one of the special ones
The one, who knows how to survive




Beautiful Seasons

Seasons are as a circle.

They are all special.



With its growing flowers and trees



With its colourful blooming plants.

With its warmth.



With its colourful leaves, which turn from green into yellow, orange, redΒ  …



With its snow and cold wind

Everything falls asleeps to get energy for the next spring.


Spring β†’ Summer β†’ Autumn β†’ Winter

Summer β†’ Autumn β†’ Winter β†’ Spring

Autumn β†’ Winter β†’ Spring β†’ Summer

Winter β†’ Spring β†’ Summer β†’ Autumn