Hey there

Hello, it is me coming back from a long period of time of just having no idea of what to write, to say or to do.

I am not sure, what kind of block it will be in future. But I know I want to show you some creativity in writing and pictures to entertain you.

I hope you are all doing well and make your life wonderful.

I start writing next week, so let’s see what the future is going to be 🙂

Happy character

Happiness is where you are

Happiness is about becoming a star

When you shine

You make others smile

It’s about giving and taking happiness

Because there are days where you spread more light

And there are others, which are difficult and dark

You take happiness with you

That’s what make you special

That’s what makes you special for others

Keep it always in your heart

Because that’s what makes you smart 🙂

Walk through bad feelings

Walk through life

Find a way to survive

We all swim in a sea

Like a fish

We are surrounded by others

Sisters an brothers

They let us see what we are able to

They make us feel proud, jealous, angry happy

We are proud, because we know what we are able to reach

We are jealous because sometimes we are not able to see others happy while we are sitting anywhere knowing the place of nowhere.

We are angry because of this feeling. It It is a feeling we all know but we all handle it differently.

It is the difference between souls and souls between you between me

Let’s see we are all human

We are full of mistakes and we all have to go through similar ways

Let us see and let us fight

Our ways are the ones which make us shine bright 🙂

Scars become stars


It’s me looking out

Being proud

Of a day

I want to stay

Stay at the moment

Feel the happiness

Enjoy the feeling

Feeling of healing

Because wounds become scars

And scars will be stars

Because they remind you of who you are

What you stand for

Who you were and why you become the person you are right now in this moment

Be proud of yourself and enjoy every single moment 🙂

Let’s find us

Living here, living there, no difference life is everywhere

Let’s be here, let’s be there, no difference we are everywhere

It’s you finding me, me finding you, we fikd ourselves isn’t it true

It’s about looking for something we are not able to find.

We hide, we fight, we are different in our minds.

Let’s find what we are looking for, let’s find me, let’s find you. The difference about us is special. We are individual and can be proud of what we are:)

Smile, because it could mean the world to someone

When you are on your way
And you have no time to play
Smile at strangers,
because it could mean the world to them 🙂

When I go out for a walk I see different types of people.

The scanner is someone whose eyes scan you from head to toe. There are two different types the active and the passive one.

The active scanner scans you in a way you feel watched by them. The passive scanner needs one short look to have the information about the other person.

We all have the scanner type in us to protect ourselves.

On some days I can’t stand to be watched by the active scanner. It feels horrible to be scanned. It is just about having a bad day and your selfconfidence rises against zero.

These days are a challange for your selfconfidence. These days are another hurdle to jump over.

It is okay to fail. It is okay to feel bad sometimes. It is okay not being the every day confident person.

It is important to improve ourselves with these situation. Have the motto to rise like a phoenix to feel independent and enjoy who you are 🙂


Laugh! Be happy! Enjoy what you are and what you do!

You are happy because of your goals. Every goal is a step. A step you work hard for. A step you are proud of.

When you miss a goal, a step it is another way to go on. You don’t have to feel any regrets, because it is a new opportunity.

You have to open your eyes to see. You have to open your eyes to feel free.

It is you finding your way. Be happy, be true, enjoy what you are and feel how you do 🙂

Nature’s voice


Big place

Becomes bigger and bigger

Do we know or is this a trigger?

It gives us many questions and less answers

We are a very small part of it

But this small part gives us a special place to live

A special place, a gift

A gift we have to care about

A gift we have to share

Share with animals, plants, everything that surrounds us

All these little souls are our neighbors

We have to take care of what is given to us

We have to care of what we know and what we do not know

It is nature’s clue to show us what we are going through

In the past there were periods of heat and cold

We are human


We all have a voice

Nature also has!


Since I was little my heart was looking for home.

A place your heart feels happy

A place your heart is welcome and loved

In general there was always a home.

There was always a place I belonged to but my heart never had this feeling

My heart never belonged anywhere

I was at home but I never had this feeling until I fall in love with feeling home

Love gives me a place I belong to

Gives me strength and hope

Gives me happiness

I am not looking for a place anymore

I am looking for a feeling, a feeling I call home

That’s where I really belong to

That’s where my heart is at home 🙂