Monthly Archives: September 2016

Home or outside?

Cloudy day
A few drops of rain

Stay at home
Go outside

How to decide?

It is warm at home
It is cold outside

Leaves fall down
The wind blows through your hair
Quirrels collect nuts
It is autumn time
You feel fine

Computer games
Playing card
Table topsNothing of them flops

How to decide?

Dance in the night

Night arrives
Stars shine bright

The moon
Winner of the night

Sun falls asleep
Moon wakes up
It’s the disco ball
We dance in the night

Another one fights
We are here
Some are there

It’s easy
It’s hard
It’s like playing cards
Take one and you’ll see

It shows you what you want to see
It’s the mirror of yourself

Don’t forget the sun is not the only one that makes you dance
Look up to the sky
It’s night
You see the moon
Isn’t it happiness too

The moon influences your mood
It’s the light, the disco ball
You can dance in the night