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Nature’s creativity

An orchidee
Lila is what you see

Beauty is in the living room
Let us enjoy nature’s creativity

We are colours


Our lives are colours.
Our thoughts are colours.
We are colours.

Which colours are we?
Are we red

Are we blue

Are we brown
black or

We are all of them!
Everyone is her/his own creation of colours.


Fight for your dreams

2015-08-20-09.52.15.jpg.jpgWake up
A new day starts
Yesterday has gone
The sun says good morning

A memory of holidays
One year agoReminds me of training
Reminds me of motivation

It reminds me of getting stronger every day
It has not change anything
until now

I do my very best to become better and better
I am a dancer
I love Breakdance

I practice
and practice
and practice

I never get tired of doing it

It is my passion
A part of my life, which fulfills me with hope, strength and luck

It is my dream
I keep it

There is no one, who can take it away
Because it is something I do for me and myself

It is a part of my life
Part of my soul
A part of me

Dance is the place I want to be

Whatever your dreams are
Keep them!
Fight for them!
Live them!

They will always be by your side
They will be your teachers
They will form your character

If you fight on the side of your dream
It will give you so much in return

Fight for your dreams!