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It’s a gift
For someone
You might not know for whom
But it doesn’t matter
Because a smile makes everything a little better

It’s a gift
For you
You feel happy and lucky
You laugh about a funny situation
Your smile is your own creation

It’s a gift for you and me
Let’s open our eyes to see



It is all about the present, the past and the future

The past went by
Fast or slow?
Easy or hard?
It is every individuums card

The future is close
Not touchable for those
You have plans
Haven’t you?
Future is going to show you
What is going on with them
Don’t hide behind them
Be flexible

The present is here
Be happy my dear
Enjoy every moment, every minute, every second
Every smile is precious

Time is not wasting
It is a gift
Your gift and mine
Love the time and it is fine

Wish you a lovely day!


I woke up in the morning. The sun was shining. My eyes met a picture called “My happy tree” drawn by a wonderful friend of mine. It always makes me smile!

I started my day doing this colourful, delicious breakfast! It’s blueberry yogurt, a vegan one with banana and raspberries.
I’m happy, because of this wonderful morning.

Never forget about these little things, which make you happy and smile!

Keep on enjoying your life, keep on doing the things, which make you a lucky one and keep on smiling! 🙂

My love

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by
It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find you

It’s just like
I want to make you smile
I want to make you happy when you’re sad

I want to surprise you. I love to surprise you! I dream of surprising you.

I want to make you feel like you’re the most special one in the world
I want to make you feel like you’re the most beautiful one in the world

You mean the world to me. Maybe I know you. Maybe I don’t know you.
But the one thing I know is: I love you!

Good times :)

When time is nothing more than wonderful
It is a good time

A good time makes you shine
You are shining so happy

Happiness influences the people around you
You make them smile

A smile makes everyone a little more beautiful
Beautiful in her/ his own way

An own way is special
It is a special journey

A journey, which everyone goes
Going on, you do not know where it ends

The end is a mystery
A mystery influenced by you and me

You and me, let us enjoy what make us happy
Because happiness makes us shine bride like the sun
It is a way in which life makes fun!

These little things, which make us smile

Never forget about these little things, which make you smile!
Every laugh is special
Every smile makes you more beautiful

Don’t take a journey to find luck
There is none
Luck is here
Luck is there
Luck is in you and me
We have to open our eyes to see

These little things are all part of our luck
Take care of them!
You’re able to be a lucky one
Open your mind and heart to see through the eyes of luck