My sensible me with a message to you

I know I’m someone, who is sensible for everything. It’s like a person, who loves me and so do I, feels pain, is disappointed, frustrated, depressed … and that’s what I feel too. I can help them somehow. I do my very best but I’m not one of these ones who have any distance between me and the other person. It’s like when things are bad I don’t feel bad or mad I feel pain . It hurts. I know it can be dangerous to be so addicted to others but I confront myself with it and do my very best not to get broken by any of these situations. There is now a period of time in which I learn to take care of trust, which was given to me. I’m learning right now that there are friends, who love me the way I’m and they trust me. This fact is sometimes unbelievable for me!
I tell you these facts about me, because you’re never lonely with whatever you do or whoever you are. We all have our difficulties but we all are able to find a way to make it.
There is you and there is me, we are so different but in some ways we might be similar to each other. We’re never lonely no matter what we’re going through! 🙂


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