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Let’s find us

Living here, living there, no difference life is everywhere

Let’s be here, let’s be there, no difference we are everywhere

It’s you finding me, me finding you, we fikd ourselves isn’t it true

It’s about looking for something we are not able to find.

We hide, we fight, we are different in our minds.

Let’s find what we are looking for, let’s find me, let’s find you. The difference about us is special. We are individual and can be proud of what we are:)

Smile, because it could mean the world to someone

When you are on your way
And you have no time to play
Smile at strangers,
because it could mean the world to them 🙂

When I go out for a walk I see different types of people.

The scanner is someone whose eyes scan you from head to toe. There are two different types the active and the passive one.

The active scanner scans you in a way you feel watched by them. The passive scanner needs one short look to have the information about the other person.

We all have the scanner type in us to protect ourselves.

On some days I can’t stand to be watched by the active scanner. It feels horrible to be scanned. It is just about having a bad day and your selfconfidence rises against zero.

These days are a challange for your selfconfidence. These days are another hurdle to jump over.

It is okay to fail. It is okay to feel bad sometimes. It is okay not being the every day confident person.

It is important to improve ourselves with these situation. Have the motto to rise like a phoenix to feel independent and enjoy who you are 🙂

Be crazy :)

Sometimes it is about being crazy

It doesn’t matter what people think

What their eyes show you

Or how they react to you

It is important to feel comfortable with yourself

It becomes better every day

In the past I never thought it could be possible for me to become that much selfconfident

Selfconfidence is so important nowadays

We need it to feel happy, to feel strong, to feel life as a gift and to know where we belong 🙂

Happy Ice cream

Ice cream

Nice dream

Enjoy food

It gives mentally and physically a good mood

Little things are the ones we enjoy

Like playing with a toy

No matter how you feel

There is always something you are happy about

Think of it

Dream of it

Let it flow through your mind

Because that is what matters

That is what makes you feel good

That is the reason why I enjoy ice cream and food

Be happy, be true, life is beautiful and that is what you are too 🙂

Walk through my life

I was here
I was there
I felt lost in the middle of no where

No where
A place i don’t want to be
No where
A place I am not able to see

I got lost
I felt frost

I didn’t know what was going on
I didn’t had known, if I was able to show

But there was something inside me
A little light
A little fight
Something didn’t want to hide

I walked
Step by step
Every day
With no regret

There were people, who helped
A few failed
I am happy to call them friends
Because they were the ones with a helping hand
They mean the world to me
Maybe we don’t have much time to meet

But now it is time to choose my life
Now it time to be happy in my mind

I don’t have to feel guilty anymore
No matter who wants to bring me down
I am the one who decides who is wrong

I am a very sensible and emotional person
That’s why I struggled my whole life with difficult situations

But never the less I fell in love with life
I fell in love with how to survive

I become stronger every day
That’s why I want to tell you that it is your choice to make
Make the decision to love your life
Make your decision to feel happy with your way of life 🙂

Feel free

Sitting outside

Under a tree

Makes happy

Makes free

Nature, a place where we belong

Nature a place, which makes us strong

We have to trust

We have to feel

Because our eyes can’t see

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Feel the silence

Feel your thoughts

Feel the energy surrounding you

Feel the energy make you able to move

Move on your way

You don’t have to stay

Step by step

It becomes easier and easier

The energy of nature is a key

Maybe for but definetly for me

Let us open the door and make us free

For all the things we are not able to see 🙂

Love your life

Do what you want

Be what you are

You are a star

Don’t be afraid

Take the chance

Don’t let it go

It is your life

Your own show

I am me

Feeling comfortable

Let us see

I am happy

I am true

I don’t wear another ones shoes

I wear my own

They make me walk

Walk through my life

Every day a new suprise

Love yourself

And make it true

Your own life is the one you choose 🙂