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Happy friendship :)

Dear friend
It’s wonderful to walk with you hand in hand
I’m so proud
I found you, a special one, out of the croud

It’s so wonderful. I’m feeling happy and I cannot stop smiling
It’s because of you my friend
Going together hand in hand

Flower, dream and reality


Beautiful flower
I’m watching you
With your yellow power

I’m dreaming
with closed eyes
I’m leaving

Reality becomes dream
With my thoughts
A perfect team

It’s great to see
Dream and reality
Are both places I enjoy to be

Broken hearted: Crying rivers

Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
You feel helpless.
Somehow caught in your feelings.

You are going crazy every time you start thinking.
Everything is so confusing.
Feelings confuse you.

You are not chosen for the one you fall in love with.
At first it makes you disappointed. You feel desperate, sad and mad.
You cry every night. Tears run down your face and create a river.
It is your river filled with all your love, with all your pain and your other feelings.

You swim in your river for a while.
It needs time to get out of it.

But you are able to make it!
Love is the best and worst that can happen to you.
We all need love. We are all addicted to love.
It is the reason why love can hurt so badly.

Important is a little hope. We have hope. Hope will always be there if we don’t black it out.
And one day, we will find our love, who makes us to the happiest human in the world.

Be proud of yourself! :)

You went through life a couple of years
There were times full of tears

You went on and on
Became strong

Mistakes were made by you
All your ways chosen by you

They grew your defence and offence
Doens’t it make sense?

You made it through good times
You made it through bad times

Enough reasons to make you proud
Scream it out loud

We all have our stories, our memories, our reasons why we are, who we are and all these facts make us to the wonderful personality we are right now!

Is the way we love influenced by society?

Sometimes I ask myself: Are we supposed to love one person?
When I imagine a world, which is not structured by society, would we love in the same way?
I mean when we are broken hearted, would it be so hard for us?

We are living in a world, structured and influenced by society.
We have different religions, different lives, but all in all most of us have this picture in their head: Two persons, who love each other. There might be children and a house.
Society teachs us this picture.Our mind is somehow influenced by it.
I ask myself is this picture natural? Is it a way nature wants us to live?
I mean ingeneral we are all directed by our instincts but society makes us supress these ones.
Some people supress them more, others less but we all do.
We become lovesick, when anyone does not love us, but why is it so difficult to get over it?

I wrote this text, because I have no answers of all these questions. I have my opinion about it, but it would be great to know how you think about it.
If you like you will leave a comment.

Wish you a lovely day!


I woke up in the morning. The sun was shining. My eyes met a picture called “My happy tree” drawn by a wonderful friend of mine. It always makes me smile!

I started my day doing this colourful, delicious breakfast! It’s blueberry yogurt, a vegan one with banana and raspberries.
I’m happy, because of this wonderful morning.

Never forget about these little things, which make you happy and smile!

Keep on enjoying your life, keep on doing the things, which make you a lucky one and keep on smiling! 🙂

Peaceful nature

Today it was a very lovely day!
I spent some time outside and went for a walk. It was wonderful to see all these different flowers and trees.

Here are some pictures of my favorite plants:


Isn’t the colour of the leaves fascinating?
I watched this tree and enjoyed its aura very much!


This tree made me think of the circle of life. For me it represents life and death, because the light and dark colours found both a place at this tree.


It was so wonderful to stand under these roses!  They were hanging down above my head. It made me feel like they were watching me and they caught me with their beauty!

Here are a few more flowers:




You chose all these plants to make the world more colourful, more beautiful.
It’s a gift to go for a walk while all these fascinating plants surround us.
You are so happy and peaceful and you always make me feel like that.
You always have a place for me to find this natural happiness in you!
I appreciate you and all your chosen creatures!

Relationships, luck and me

Relationships are their own philosophies.

There are these two sides in me:
The first one wants to meet new people.
The second one doesn’t.

It’s less the first side, which guides me. It’s the second one.

I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with words. I’m not anyone, who feels comfortable with relationships and people themselves.

I try to understand why relationships are so confusing for me. I’m not scared of anything, which could happen. I’m choosy, very choosy! It has always been like that. It might be good. It might be bad. It’s both.

I have close relationships or no ones. There is no way for me to have less close relationships. That’s why all these close relationships have much importance. This importance is special for me. This importance is wonderful. This importance is blessing and curse, because this importance makes me more and more addicted to these special friends. Friends have chosen each other to go their friendship-way together.

A friend is a part of my luck. We choose lucky things on our own and friends are my chosen luck. Whether it is good or bad is up to how I handle with it.

I’m someone who normally goes from one extreme to the next one. It’s hard to find a way of distance, but I’m able to have a distance. I have to be able to have it, otherwise it would end in a dilemma.

It’s a philosophy I’m working on it.

It’s important that every relationship is positive for both in it is my message for you!

My love

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by
It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find you

It’s just like
I want to make you smile
I want to make you happy when you’re sad

I want to surprise you. I love to surprise you! I dream of surprising you.

I want to make you feel like you’re the most special one in the world
I want to make you feel like you’re the most beautiful one in the world

You mean the world to me. Maybe I know you. Maybe I don’t know you.
But the one thing I know is: I love you!