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Every pain changes you.

If we are hurt by someone we will do mistakes. We sometimes project our own pain on others. We say words, which hurt.
It’s like from a person, who was  hurt to a person, who hurts someone. It’s a process, which we do not recognise every time.
It can be helpful to analyse what we have done. We don’t like to do mistakes but it’s important to open our eyes for ours.
If we are able to accept a mistake, which we have done, we will be able to work on ourselves. We will become wiser and go through life in a different way.
On the one hand we listen to our own thoughts about us, on the other hand we listen to the ones we love, who show us mistakes. The ones we love are able to see mistakes we do not recognise. It is very helpful to listen to them. We can think about their words and can decide how we want to go further.
It’s up to us to decide who we want to be.