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Changing society

We live in a world influenced by technology.
Humans, who decided to own a world, improve it.
We become more and more influenced by it.
Little children with their own smart phones, with their own tablets.
Five year old children are more often playing with their technology items than enjoying nature.
Is it a process, which helps us to be more happy with our lives?
Of course technology is helpful for the global connections, industry etc. But is it necessary, that it influences us so hard in our every day lives?

Technology keeps us away from nature. It destroys our inner harmony, because we become more and more addicted to it.
We are creatures formed by nature. Isn’t nature the place we should spend most of our time?
Many people forget about it. Isn’t it great to have a walk in a park? Isn’t it great to climb a mountain?
Isn’t it great to sit in the grass and to close your eyes only to listen to all the animals, to the melody of the wind?
It is peaceful, isn’t it?

Not everyone feels close to nature. In my opinion it is the result of development.
We all have this inner instinct, which connects us to nature.
We can see the beauty of it, but most of us close their eyes. It is like listen to your heart, to your feelings and you will find the origin place you belong to.

When we forget about the spirit of nature, how are we able to live a lucky life?
Luck is defined different by every single individuum. But we belong to this process of evolution and a part of us will always remember it.
Some suppress their connction to nature, others understand how important it is to enjoy and spend time in nature.
We are able to find the spirit of nature.

To the ones, who forgot about it: Open your hearts and you will find a place of peace, joy and luck.

To the ones, who know the spirit: Isn’t nature a magic place?

Is the way we love influenced by society?

Sometimes I ask myself: Are we supposed to love one person?
When I imagine a world, which is not structured by society, would we love in the same way?
I mean when we are broken hearted, would it be so hard for us?

We are living in a world, structured and influenced by society.
We have different religions, different lives, but all in all most of us have this picture in their head: Two persons, who love each other. There might be children and a house.
Society teachs us this picture.Our mind is somehow influenced by it.
I ask myself is this picture natural? Is it a way nature wants us to live?
I mean ingeneral we are all directed by our instincts but society makes us supress these ones.
Some people supress them more, others less but we all do.
We become lovesick, when anyone does not love us, but why is it so difficult to get over it?

I wrote this text, because I have no answers of all these questions. I have my opinion about it, but it would be great to know how you think about it.
If you like you will leave a comment.

Lost in society

They say we’re special
We’re all different
We’re individuums

We can feel like that
We know it’s true somehow

But as much we know we’re special as much we’re one of a million in society
Are we important the way we are?
Or are we only anyone, who can be exchanged?

It is like feeling needed and lost
Lost, because if you don’t fit into anything it’ll be hard to survive.
Surviving in a croud
Where you don’t know how to feel
You make systems work
But who are you
No one will tell you
No one will know who you really are

We’re playing these different roles
Do they really help us?
Or are they another kind of confusion?

It’s like you can be yourself
But you’re addicted to the croud

Finding a way to feel okay with it
Living a life, which makes you proud
No matter about whether you’re one the croud