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Time is a gift

Never forget about time
Time is limited
Time is true
Time is me
And time is you

Spending time
With your family
Your favourite activities
To be lucky

Time makes lucky
Time makes sad
But you and me know you decide and do you want to feel mad?

Some people we met
Maybe they were not the right ones but they are our experience, which has made us wiser.
Every pain makes us fight
Every pain no reason to hide

Time doesn’t make things better
The worst things that had happened to us would never be forgotten.
Time doesn’t change anything but we can learn to accept what had happened in the past and are able to find a way to feel okay with it one day.
Maybe the pain will always be there somehow but that’s okay
It’s okay, isn’t it?
Pain makes us change
We have to arrange

Time is a gift
With all its positive and negative sides

Feel to be lucky, think to be unlucky
We’re creatures supposed to feel and supposed to think
We are the ones, who have to make these fit together
The time will send us sunny weather
Sunny weather to feel and think true
Sunny weather to know the mystery of time in me and in you



You cannot touch it. You cannot see it.
You can feel it.
But what is it?

Luck is you. Luck is me.
Luck is everything you can see.

Feeling lucky is great.
It makes you happy.
It makes you smile.
It is wonderful. No way to deny.

Take everything you feel lucky about.
Never forget about the little things.
Simple things are the ones, which can mean so much to you.
They can make you feel lucky more than everything else.
These little things are all parts of luck.
You are the one, who has to open your eyes to see them.
You are the one, who can see luck.
You are the one, who can feel luck.

You are a lucky one. Never forget about it!


It is all about the present, the past and the future

The past went by
Fast or slow?
Easy or hard?
It is every individuums card

The future is close
Not touchable for those
You have plans
Haven’t you?
Future is going to show you
What is going on with them
Don’t hide behind them
Be flexible

The present is here
Be happy my dear
Enjoy every moment, every minute, every second
Every smile is precious

Time is not wasting
It is a gift
Your gift and mine
Love the time and it is fine

Be proud of yourself! :)

You went through life a couple of years
There were times full of tears

You went on and on
Became strong

Mistakes were made by you
All your ways chosen by you

They grew your defence and offence
Doens’t it make sense?

You made it through good times
You made it through bad times

Enough reasons to make you proud
Scream it out loud

We all have our stories, our memories, our reasons why we are, who we are and all these facts make us to the wonderful personality we are right now!

Stressful day

There are days when we’re stressed.
I find often ways to feel a little bit less stressed but today I’m going crazy, because of it.
It’s me forcing myself to do the things I have to do. In generally I like doing these things some more others less, but all in a different way. Every task is important for me. I don’t want to be perfect. I don’t want to reach perfection. But I know myself. I have some realistic goals. I try to reach them but I fail again and again, because it’s me who makes everything much more complicate than it is. It’s so confusing today.

I wish you a lovely day
Going your sunny way
You’re special and going on
Singing your own individual song 🙂