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Happy character

Happiness is where you are

Happiness is about becoming a star

When you shine

You make others smile

It’s about giving and taking happiness

Because there are days where you spread more light

And there are others, which are difficult and dark

You take happiness with you

That’s what make you special

That’s what makes you special for others

Keep it always in your heart

Because that’s what makes you smart 🙂

Walk through bad feelings

Walk through life

Find a way to survive

We all swim in a sea

Like a fish

We are surrounded by others

Sisters an brothers

They let us see what we are able to

They make us feel proud, jealous, angry happy

We are proud, because we know what we are able to reach

We are jealous because sometimes we are not able to see others happy while we are sitting anywhere knowing the place of nowhere.

We are angry because of this feeling. It It is a feeling we all know but we all handle it differently.

It is the difference between souls and souls between you between me

Let’s see we are all human

We are full of mistakes and we all have to go through similar ways

Let us see and let us fight

Our ways are the ones which make us shine bright 🙂

Scars become stars


It’s me looking out

Being proud

Of a day

I want to stay

Stay at the moment

Feel the happiness

Enjoy the feeling

Feeling of healing

Because wounds become scars

And scars will be stars

Because they remind you of who you are

What you stand for

Who you were and why you become the person you are right now in this moment

Be proud of yourself and enjoy every single moment 🙂

Find your own way

Life is about dreams


It is not what it seems

I am here

You are there

We are different

But connected everywhere

We decide what we want to be

We decide what we are supposed to be

You know what you want

You know what makes you strong

You have to find your way

No matter how far away

Far away your dreams come true

Far away it is the one you want to choose

Live your life

Enjoy every day

Think about yourself

Be happy and find your own way 🙂

Happy Ice cream

Ice cream

Nice dream

Enjoy food

It gives mentally and physically a good mood

Little things are the ones we enjoy

Like playing with a toy

No matter how you feel

There is always something you are happy about

Think of it

Dream of it

Let it flow through your mind

Because that is what matters

That is what makes you feel good

That is the reason why I enjoy ice cream and food

Be happy, be true, life is beautiful and that is what you are too 🙂


Sky, you are so beautiful

With all your stars a place of truth

Every light

A hope

Every light

A mind

It shows us magic

It shows us tragic

We know both ways are natural

I miss someone in heaven

She’s passed away for years

It might be seven

I think of her

Wishing the best

Because it is the place to find peace and rest

I take her deep in my mind

Because that’s the way she is living in my heart

That’s the way I feel comfortable and smart

To all the ones, who lost someone I know the pain

I just want you to say

Keep the special person in your heart

Feel free

Sitting outside

Under a tree

Makes happy

Makes free

Nature, a place where we belong

Nature a place, which makes us strong

We have to trust

We have to feel

Because our eyes can’t see

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Feel the silence

Feel your thoughts

Feel the energy surrounding you

Feel the energy make you able to move

Move on your way

You don’t have to stay

Step by step

It becomes easier and easier

The energy of nature is a key

Maybe for but definetly for me

Let us open the door and make us free

For all the things we are not able to see 🙂

Love your life

Do what you want

Be what you are

You are a star

Don’t be afraid

Take the chance

Don’t let it go

It is your life

Your own show

I am me

Feeling comfortable

Let us see

I am happy

I am true

I don’t wear another ones shoes

I wear my own

They make me walk

Walk through my life

Every day a new suprise

Love yourself

And make it true

Your own life is the one you choose 🙂


Dear Energy

You are not touchable

You are not visual

You are not physical

I cannot see you

But I feel you

Deep inside me

Where you hide

Why are you hiding?

There is no reason

No fighting

Come close

Make me stronger

Let’s take us close

Close to a place where we want to be

Close to a place where I am able to see

See energy running through my vains

Through my brain, my face

I am strong and you are there

We are both able to care 🙂