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It’s a gift
For someone
You might not know for whom
But it doesn’t matter
Because a smile makes everything a little better

It’s a gift
For you
You feel happy and lucky
You laugh about a funny situation
Your smile is your own creation

It’s a gift for you and me
Let’s open our eyes to see



You cannot touch it. You cannot see it.
You can feel it.
But what is it?

Luck is you. Luck is me.
Luck is everything you can see.

Feeling lucky is great.
It makes you happy.
It makes you smile.
It is wonderful. No way to deny.

Take everything you feel lucky about.
Never forget about the little things.
Simple things are the ones, which can mean so much to you.
They can make you feel lucky more than everything else.
These little things are all parts of luck.
You are the one, who has to open your eyes to see them.
You are the one, who can see luck.
You are the one, who can feel luck.

You are a lucky one. Never forget about it!