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Life and learning

Life is about learning

Born to breath
Getting older to crawl, go and run.

Kindergarten to get in contact with other kids.
Social behaviour is the keyword.

We learn to play, be creative and explore the world.
We are hungry for knowledge.

School starts.
Our pre-job.
It is up to us how we leave school.

It is up to us how we create our future.
We decide what we learn.
We decide what we want to reach.
Let’s use our brains and its ability to learn.
We design our lives in our brains.
Let’s transfer our imagination to reality.


Learn to love

All these feelings
They influence us

Going my way
Don’t know where to stay

All these thoughts
These situations
Confusing, totally confusing

Which way to go when you know you cannot find a way to feel comfortable with love?
What is when you know, that no matter what you do, love will badly influence you?

When you went through life
Used love to make yourself more and more die
When you haven’t found a way, which make you feel comfortable with it one day.

Of course love is great
Of course it is one of the most wonderful feelings
It seems to be so difficult to me to handle with it
Nearly impossible to make it fit

But never giving up
Because life has a surprise and a gift, which is luck
Feeling lucky about friendships
Best teachers to learn to love and to feel loved

Finding a way to feel comfortable with love one day.

Learning, isn’t it great?

Every day a new experience
Every day new situations

We get confronted with them
No one asks whether we want or not
You’re going further, not on spot

You learn in every single situation
You find the answer of the questions

Everyone finds his/her own way
Every single day

Learning it’s a process
We can influence it
Sometimes not

We decide what our conclusion are
Becoming wiser the way we are

Learn, it is a special gift
It forms us and our personality

Learning isn’t it great?