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Happy character

Happiness is where you are

Happiness is about becoming a star

When you shine

You make others smile

It’s about giving and taking happiness

Because there are days where you spread more light

And there are others, which are difficult and dark

You take happiness with you

That’s what make you special

That’s what makes you special for others

Keep it always in your heart

Because that’s what makes you smart 🙂


Laugh! Be happy! Enjoy what you are and what you do!

You are happy because of your goals. Every goal is a step. A step you work hard for. A step you are proud of.

When you miss a goal, a step it is another way to go on. You don’t have to feel any regrets, because it is a new opportunity.

You have to open your eyes to see. You have to open your eyes to feel free.

It is you finding your way. Be happy, be true, enjoy what you are and feel how you do 🙂

Nature’s voice


Big place

Becomes bigger and bigger

Do we know or is this a trigger?

It gives us many questions and less answers

We are a very small part of it

But this small part gives us a special place to live

A special place, a gift

A gift we have to care about

A gift we have to share

Share with animals, plants, everything that surrounds us

All these little souls are our neighbors

We have to take care of what is given to us

We have to care of what we know and what we do not know

It is nature’s clue to show us what we are going through

In the past there were periods of heat and cold

We are human


We all have a voice

Nature also has!

Good and bad relationships


Some are strong

Others are wrong

Time shows us

Is it right?

Is it wrong?

Who is the one?

Who belongs?

Negative ones

Bring you down

Make you feel sad

Make you feel mad

Good ones

Make you happy

Make you strong

Are the ones who belong

Never give up on the ones you believe in

Never give up on the ones who believe in you

Make sure you find a good soul

Time is a special part

It shows you whether you are right or wrong

Deep inside your heart you know, who are the ones who stay forever by your side 🙂

Be crazy :)

Sometimes it is about being crazy

It doesn’t matter what people think

What their eyes show you

Or how they react to you

It is important to feel comfortable with yourself

It becomes better every day

In the past I never thought it could be possible for me to become that much selfconfident

Selfconfidence is so important nowadays

We need it to feel happy, to feel strong, to feel life as a gift and to know where we belong 🙂


You are happy

You are true

You are individual

That is the difference between me and you

Let us go for a walk

We see so many different people

They are happy, they are sad

But we are the ones who decide

Whether we are mad

We can choose happiness

We can feel happiness

It is in us

Every thought has the potential to be a happy one

Let us choose

Loose the mad ones

Be happy and have fun

All our lives can be happy

Give it a chance

And don’t give up

Darkness is everywhere

It is part of our lives

But we decide how big the part of darkness becomes

Darkness is in me, darkness is in you

I choose happiness and I hope you will, too 🙂


Life is about decisions

You have to decide

No way to hide

When you are wrong

You become strong

No matter what time it takes

It is your way, no fake

It is all about you

The decision you make is true

Never give up and be strong

We are all humans

Supposed to be wrong

Supposed to become strong 🙂

Find your own way

Life is about dreams


It is not what it seems

I am here

You are there

We are different

But connected everywhere

We decide what we want to be

We decide what we are supposed to be

You know what you want

You know what makes you strong

You have to find your way

No matter how far away

Far away your dreams come true

Far away it is the one you want to choose

Live your life

Enjoy every day

Think about yourself

Be happy and find your own way 🙂

Your life, your choice

Dreaming of yesterday
Dreaming of today
The dream will stay

What has happened?
What happens now?
It’s your life, your own show

Your life is connected to your dreams
You are a person, the one who believes

You are the one, who can decide
Decide about your dreams
Decide about your lives
Pardon, I mean life.

Look at yourself
Is it the one you want to help?

Yes of course, you are your own healer.
You are the one your own life’s dealer.

Make a decision
Take your choice

Do and act
Your life is written by you
That is a fact 🙂