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Heart vs mind, a deep fight inside

What is the language of our heart? What is the language of our mind?
When we look through the eyes of our hearts there are feelings.
There are no words. It is like you are in a situation, feel something and you cannot explain why you have exactly this feeling.
Your heart creats your feelings and explains them in thoughts.

Our mind does it the other way around.
When we think about something, our minds make us crash with thoughts. These are our thoughtful moments.
All these thoughts lead to feelings.

What is so confusing about both?
I guess both of them can drive us totally crazy, because when we try to find out whether there was at first a thought or a feeling, there might not be answer for some of us. We can not find any difference. It is like what was first on earth the egg or the chicken?
It is difficult to find a connection between both, because they are as similar as different.

My experience is that there are two ways. The first one is you found your balance. But mostly it is like you found it and then you loose it.
So that’s when your second way starts. The second one is this confusion. It feels helpless. You don’t know what you want, who you are. Your thoughts are going in circles.
It seems like you loose yourself completely. That’s the moment where fear begins. I am completely scared of loosing myself. But nevertheless there are times I do.
It is like crying day and night about weeks. But every time when I had lost myself, I was able to rise stronger than before.
Maybe it is this down you need to understand that it is a process and that nothing lasts forever. For example you found yourself in this harmony between heart and mind. It doesn’t mean this moment will last forever.
It is like as soon you found harmony as soon it is gone. It is a process, which will come with us through our whole life.

How do you think about this heart and mind balance?


Broken hearted: Crying rivers

Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
You feel helpless.
Somehow caught in your feelings.

You are going crazy every time you start thinking.
Everything is so confusing.
Feelings confuse you.

You are not chosen for the one you fall in love with.
At first it makes you disappointed. You feel desperate, sad and mad.
You cry every night. Tears run down your face and create a river.
It is your river filled with all your love, with all your pain and your other feelings.

You swim in your river for a while.
It needs time to get out of it.

But you are able to make it!
Love is the best and worst that can happen to you.
We all need love. We are all addicted to love.
It is the reason why love can hurt so badly.

Important is a little hope. We have hope. Hope will always be there if we don’t black it out.
And one day, we will find our love, who makes us to the happiest human in the world.

These little things, which make us smile

Never forget about these little things, which make you smile!
Every laugh is special
Every smile makes you more beautiful

Don’t take a journey to find luck
There is none
Luck is here
Luck is there
Luck is in you and me
We have to open our eyes to see

These little things are all part of our luck
Take care of them!
You’re able to be a lucky one
Open your mind and heart to see through the eyes of luck

A letter to my heart

Dear heart

You make me feel
You make me heal

You’re what you’re
Playing tricks on me
Don’t let me forget
The one I love

It’s okay
Every day
Because you taught me
I’m able to see

I’m able to be happy
You told me friendly

I’m going crazy
I’m thinking, not lazy

Tell me what will you reach
When you teach me like this?

Want to show me that it’s okay to love?
I got it. I do. It’s true.

Let me love the one a little less
Found this different way of love
A way to feel wonderful, happy and lucky with
There is no reason anymore to hurt me
Because I know I’ll always love the one in a special way

My heart, you taught me many lessons
You formed me to the one I’m right now
Let us together keep this special friend in our special part of love
I know we’ll make it
You won’t help me
But I’m strong
You won’t hurt me anymore
You make me fight
I’ll show you love doesn’t mean loosing the ones you kept

In love me talking to my heart

Having a different language of your heart?

You are different when you speak in a different language
Is it anything you believe in?
Thinking about it, because every language has its own character.
When I’m talking in the language of my country it feels foreign. I don’t feel close to it. It’s like a part of me, which has to be there but as much as I tried to make it to the language of my heart. I failt.
That’s why I had to find a way to keep this second language, the one of my heart. I started to write poems and texts. It’s wonderful to write down words of my heart. Sometimes it feels like having a second life. It’s my heart’s home and I love spending time there.
I’m a little different when I speak in the language if my heart. I love this part very much. A part of home and happiness. A part I have to keep.

A letter to love

Dear love

What would a life be without you?

You are taking and giving
You hurt and make us happy
You are everything and nothing
What are you?

You are invisible
Makes people believe to be invincable

You are this feeling
Shows us, you make us healing

Somehow you are playing with us
You know we have to deal with you
Because what would a life be without you?
For me and for you
No choice
We need you

Having people in our hearts
Because of you
It makes us believing
It gives us strength
We are never lonely because of you
You take our hands and speaks out loud of our hearts
We have to listen to you
Sometimes you hurt, sometimes you make a dream come true

Love, you are special, you make us special and makes the ones special we love.

In love my thoughtful me talking to you