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Life and learning

Life is about learning

Born to breath
Getting older to crawl, go and run.

Kindergarten to get in contact with other kids.
Social behaviour is the keyword.

We learn to play, be creative and explore the world.
We are hungry for knowledge.

School starts.
Our pre-job.
It is up to us how we leave school.

It is up to us how we create our future.
We decide what we learn.
We decide what we want to reach.
Let’s use our brains and its ability to learn.
We design our lives in our brains.
Let’s transfer our imagination to reality.


What will be
in a month
in a year

We want to reach our dreams, our plans.
We do not want to stand, where we stand right now
We want to go a step further or more than one

We develop
We learn
We imagine
We earn

Future is a wish
Some will become true
Others not

All in all future is somehow based on the present
But there are also happenings, which can not be influenced by us.





It is all about the present, the past and the future

The past went by
Fast or slow?
Easy or hard?
It is every individuums card

The future is close
Not touchable for those
You have plans
Haven’t you?
Future is going to show you
What is going on with them
Don’t hide behind them
Be flexible

The present is here
Be happy my dear
Enjoy every moment, every minute, every second
Every smile is precious

Time is not wasting
It is a gift
Your gift and mine
Love the time and it is fine

Living in the present

When do we start living right now?
When do we stop living in the past?
We all have our memories. Some are good, others bad.

What do they teach us?
The past forms us to the ones we are right now.
Without all these experiences, without past as a teacher, we would never be the ones we are right now.
We do not understand why all these different things happen to us.
What we know is that we are our formers. We go our ways. Every single one her/ his own one.
Our goals are as different as we individuums are.
We all try to find the “perfect” way to reach these goals.

Some of us forget about humanity. They are focussed as programmed machines.
It seems to be that they have no emotions anymore, no sympathy for others.
They are going alone on their egoistic way.

Of course all humans are egoists. But we all decide how we handle with this characteristic.
These people suppress their humanity. I mean they suppress their emotions and their sympathy for other human beings.

When we ask ourselves: How much egoism is healthy?
Do you have any answer of these questions. If you like, you will leave a comment.

Journey through time

Time runs
We live in the present
We lived in the past
We will live in the future

The past our memories
The future our dreams
The present it’s now

Let’s make us a journey through time

A time you remember
Some memories are more close to our mind others less
What do we remember? Past, a good or bad time? Maybe both together?
We are able to decide ourselves, how we want to see the past.
Our memories began somewhere and end in the present.
We keep our good ones and some bad ones follow us
They influence us. They make us learn.
Learn about life, about ourselves, about other people, about society etc
The past is our library. We can choose an event and we’ll find a matching book to it.
Some books are heavy, because they are still important now. Others less because they don’t seem important to us.
No matter about which books you choose, they are all some kind of important to you. The library, which formed you to the one you are now.

A time  right now
What is now?
It’s the shortest time.
I cannot define it exactly, because it’s now and now it’s over.
Present is us being ourselves right now. So everyone is his or her own present.

We’re dreaming and planing
Planing what are we going to do tomorrow?
Dreaming of wonderful things, which make us happy.
Future gives hope.

This journey through time is a journey through life, a journey we learn to survive!