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Good and bad relationships


Some are strong

Others are wrong

Time shows us

Is it right?

Is it wrong?

Who is the one?

Who belongs?

Negative ones

Bring you down

Make you feel sad

Make you feel mad

Good ones

Make you happy

Make you strong

Are the ones who belong

Never give up on the ones you believe in

Never give up on the ones who believe in you

Make sure you find a good soul

Time is a special part

It shows you whether you are right or wrong

Deep inside your heart you know, who are the ones who stay forever by your side 🙂


Life is about decisions

You have to decide

No way to hide

When you are wrong

You become strong

No matter what time it takes

It is your way, no fake

It is all about you

The decision you make is true

Never give up and be strong

We are all humans

Supposed to be wrong

Supposed to become strong 🙂

Your life, your choice

Dreaming of yesterday
Dreaming of today
The dream will stay

What has happened?
What happens now?
It’s your life, your own show

Your life is connected to your dreams
You are a person, the one who believes

You are the one, who can decide
Decide about your dreams
Decide about your lives
Pardon, I mean life.

Look at yourself
Is it the one you want to help?

Yes of course, you are your own healer.
You are the one your own life’s dealer.

Make a decision
Take your choice

Do and act
Your life is written by you
That is a fact 🙂


Let us go for a walk #1

Nature is the most beautiful place we can live in.
We live our every day lives. We wake up in the morning. We go to work, school or university. After eight our we find ourselves back at home. We eat something. Do something we want to do.
This life is very strict. It is planed from waking up to going to bed.
What can we do? We have some freetime and it is our decision how we spend it.