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Days and nights

Days filled with light
Nights filled with darkness

A little darkness at days
A little light at night

Shadows of the sun
Sparkling stars in the night

They are together


Do you have nightmares?

Another dream
Another night

Another fear
Another fight


Wake up!
It is all right!

At night you had a fight
But now it is daytime

You are surrounded by light
No need to fight

Enjoy your day
Positive feelings will stay 🙂


That’s life

Every day I am writing
It is another way of fighting

A good way to find a way through life
A good way to find reasons to survive

My topics might be very different
They all touch my heart in a different way
Writing means a lot to me I say

What I want to let you know
Do what ever makes you happy and you will go
Go a way where you want to stay
You are happy, you are strong
No reason to think about, might it go wrong?

Enjoy life and never forget about it
Because you are the one, who makes life fit

Living in a world of day and night

Living in a world of day and night
There is no place, where we can hide
A day begins
It gives us hints
We can follow all these traces
We will meet new faces

Some will love us
Others hate us
You’re the one who have to handle with it
You’re the one who have to make it fit

Surrounded by so much people
As difficult as working with a needle
You’re the one who have to open your mind
You’re the one who will people find

There is this fear
That there might be a tear
But if you don’t try
You’ll never know why
This risk you’ll make it
Because there will be this way to take it

Having a special person in your life
Makes it easier to survive
Because all these wonderful moments you share
Are the great ones of which you have to take care

Start living
And giving
Because love is a feeling, which can make you strong
No reason of thinking, might it be wrong?

There are always this moments, which make us sad
But love isn’t a feeling, which should us feel mad
Loving someone and be loved in return
Isn’t anything we can learn
It’ll happen or not
But if it does, we can enjoy it a lot

Love the people, who have a place in your heart
They’ll make you happy, make you feel special, make you feel proud
They’re the special ones we have chosen out of the croud