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Creative heads

We are all a part of creativity
We create
We are created by us and others
We are creations

Let us draw a picture
A painter

Let us sing
A singer

Let us play an instrument
A musician

Let us dance to the music
A dancer

We are all creative heads
Let us share our creativity to create a creative community 🙂


No creative month

There are times you need for yourself
This month was one of these times.
There was no creativity in writing new texts. I thought of writing a few times but there was nothing in my head.
I want to let you know that next month there will be new texts to read.
Keep on writing. Keep on enjoying.
Enjoying life and all its beautiful moments.
Never forget about yourself and the things, which make you happy. These things are your specials. It’s so important to keep them.
Be proud
Be true
You create yourself
Every day new


The most difficult way is to talk about feelings.
You can do your best in trying to describe how you feel about someone or something, but it never says how you really feel about it.

Words try to help us to tell others how we feel. Words try to help us to make us feel better. Words try to help us to explain the most wonderful feelings.
Words try, words try, words try … But why can’t they exactly tell us and others how we feel? Why are they not able to explain a feeling?

A feeling is something we are not able to touch. It is there. We can feel it, but we do not know how others feel, we do not know anything else about feelings except our owns.

It would be great to know how others feel. Of course we have this part of emotions, which shows somehow how we feel, but how does it influence every single one of us?

I do not have an answer for any question. I know how I feel. Maybe I can imagine how others feel. But it is only imagination and not knowledge.
Maybe we are similar, because we are all humans. But what would it be like if we were not as similar as we think we are?
I guess we are similar in many ways. But feelings seem to be something different.

Fascinating, I know how I feel. But how do you feel?

Creative – uncreative periods

Dear reader

I know I didn’t write many texts this month.
There are times when words fly to my mind and it is easy to write but there is also this opposite side when there is nothing. 
I hope some texts make you think and give you a positive, optimistic feeling.
I have never thought of that so many people would read my texts. I’m happy to catch you with some and started blogging!

That’s me a period every day writer and nonwriter