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Let us go for a walk #3

An open and free mind to see what we are not able to see, when we think about anything.
Be quiet! Listen to the wind. The leaves fall down.
Open your eyes! Watch a hedgehog eating worms. Watch a squirrel  carrying nuts to its hiding place. Watch birds flying to the south.
Smell! You can smell soil, mushrooms and leaves.
Taste! It tastes dewy.
Feel! You feel harmony. Nature sings the song of harmony for you.
Close your eyes and listen.
It will flow through your body.
It flows through you with harmony.
You found a place of harmony.

Home or outside?

Cloudy day
A few drops of rain

Stay at home
Go outside

How to decide?

It is warm at home
It is cold outside

Leaves fall down
The wind blows through your hair
Quirrels collect nuts
It is autumn time
You feel fine

Computer games
Playing card
Table topsNothing of them flops

How to decide?