Let us go for a walk #2

Let us go for a walk. Let us go outside.
How often do we spend time outside not thinking about anything from our every day lives?
How often do we spend time outside with an open and free mind?


Let us go for a walk #1

Nature is the most beautiful place we can live in.
We live our every day lives. We wake up in the morning. We go to work, school or university. After eight our we find ourselves back at home. We eat something. Do something we want to do.
This life is very strict. It is planed from waking up to going to bed.
What can we do? We have some freetime and it is our decision how we spend it.


Trust and friendship

Trust is given
Trust is taken
You give trust
You take trust

What is trust?
It is something between two persons.
We meet. We talk. We become friends. We trust.
Be careful! It isn’t so easy.
There are ones who abuse your trust

And also ones who choose your trust
The ones, who choose you, are the precious ones
The ones, who choose you, will go with you further than a month.
It is a friend, who found you.
A friend singing a song, which found a harmony with yours

Isn’t it wonderful to go the way of friendship?

Life and a rollercoaster

A rollercoaster goes up and down.
It is not changeable.
When it goes up, it goes up.
When it goes down, it goes down.

We are not a rollercoaster.
That is why our lives are changeable.
When life is dark we decide how others see us.
We can show them that we feel mad or we don’t.
We can choose it.
It is the same when life is wonderful.
We can decide whether we show it to others or not.

We represent our lives.
Let us decide how we present it!

Energy #4

We are surrounded by energetic creatures.
Humans, animals, plants, earth, universe within planets, suns, stars, moons, everything.
We are all parts of something  very big.
Everyone is a part of a very big energy.
We all seem to be seperate
But that is not true.
We are all connected by our energies.
A network consisting of our individual energies.
We fulfill the universe.

Flower ball


The best part of our lives

World goes around and around
We live in a world, which lives faster and faster

We wake up
Go to work
Are tired

A moment to enjoy nature
A moment to watch a flower growing

No we do not see it
But we can relax

We can feel the harmony, which surrounds us
Harmony, silence, fresh breeze of air, isn’t it beautiful

I saw this flower last summer
I was fascinated, because it looks like a little earth to me

Lots of flowers grew out of this ball
The beautiful flower ball represents life

This picture makes me think about this
What do you think about it?