Living in the present

When do we start living right now?
When do we stop living in the past?
We all have our memories. Some are good, others bad.

What do they teach us?
The past forms us to the ones we are right now.
Without all these experiences, without past as a teacher, we would never be the ones we are right now.
We do not understand why all these different things happen to us.
What we know is that we are our formers. We go our ways. Every single one her/ his own one.
Our goals are as different as we individuums are.
We all try to find the “perfect” way to reach these goals.

Some of us forget about humanity. They are focussed as programmed machines.
It seems to be that they have no emotions anymore, no sympathy for others.
They are going alone on their egoistic way.

Of course all humans are egoists. But we all decide how we handle with this characteristic.
These people suppress their humanity. I mean they suppress their emotions and their sympathy for other human beings.

When we ask ourselves: How much egoism is healthy?
Do you have any answer of these questions. If you like, you will leave a comment.

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