Confused, totally confused

Don’t you know these moments when you want to escape from everything?

Everything feels like a mess. You cannot talk, because you’re not able to talk. You find no words. Like a bomb you’re made to explode one day. I hate this feeling. I want to be alone. No one should be with me. I don’t want to see anyone. I want to sleep. I want to free my mind from all these difficulties of life. Yesterday I slept about zwenty hours. Today I feel much better now but there are still all these conflicts in my head. How can I structure myself when I’m a mess. I don’t want to lie to myself but I do. I don’t want to hurt people but I will.

Do you know situations like that? Do you have a good idea how to find structure?


2 thoughts on “Confused, totally confused

  1. In my view, the structuring begins and ends with having faith. Faith that the mess will sort out. That the pieces of the puzzle will fit right in its place one fine day. The moment you lose the faith, you throw yourself even more into the abyss of this mess.

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    1. I thought about your words. You are right. If there is no faith anymore, it will end up in the abyss of mess. Sometimes I forget about it. I really want to have this faith. Deep inside me is always faith, but this mess drives me crazy. You mean faith is a way to stand these confusing situations right? I agree with you. Thank you. It makes me hopeful and it is so important for me to have hope right now!

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