Broken hearted: Crying rivers

Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
You feel helpless.
Somehow caught in your feelings.

You are going crazy every time you start thinking.
Everything is so confusing.
Feelings confuse you.

You are not chosen for the one you fall in love with.
At first it makes you disappointed. You feel desperate, sad and mad.
You cry every night. Tears run down your face and create a river.
It is your river filled with all your love, with all your pain and your other feelings.

You swim in your river for a while.
It needs time to get out of it.

But you are able to make it!
Love is the best and worst that can happen to you.
We all need love. We are all addicted to love.
It is the reason why love can hurt so badly.

Important is a little hope. We have hope. Hope will always be there if we don’t black it out.
And one day, we will find our love, who makes us to the happiest human in the world.


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