Is the way we love influenced by society?

Sometimes I ask myself: Are we supposed to love one person?
When I imagine a world, which is not structured by society, would we love in the same way?
I mean when we are broken hearted, would it be so hard for us?

We are living in a world, structured and influenced by society.
We have different religions, different lives, but all in all most of us have this picture in their head: Two persons, who love each other. There might be children and a house.
Society teachs us this picture.Our mind is somehow influenced by it.
I ask myself is this picture natural? Is it a way nature wants us to live?
I mean ingeneral we are all directed by our instincts but society makes us supress these ones.
Some people supress them more, others less but we all do.
We become lovesick, when anyone does not love us, but why is it so difficult to get over it?

I wrote this text, because I have no answers of all these questions. I have my opinion about it, but it would be great to know how you think about it.
If you like you will leave a comment.


11 thoughts on “Is the way we love influenced by society?

  1. I can’t put my finger on it. I, a man never married, can’t see what it is about a legal marriage that makes it better than a relationship. Since everything in a marriage can be done without all the money and legal binding, then why not just keep it basic? Divorce rates are sky rocketing, the amount of heartache and loss of money from a divorce, people bound by law even when they are so lonely and miserable being married.

    It just seems to me like its a set up to fail. And not to be sexist but the failure will mostly fall on the man, for he will lose everything in a divorce.


    1. I understand what you mean. In generally it’s up to the ones, who love each other, whether they want to marry or not. Today marriage wouldn’t be any choice for me. Some reasons might be all the divorces in my family.
      But there is one point I don’t understand: We humans become love sick. Naturally we would be able to get over it easily, but I guess, because of society our mind and our thoughts make this process very painful. Wouldn’t it hurt so much if society doesn’t influence us?

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      1. Difficult question. The idea of a partner being there for you through this crazy thing we call life, is great, its a lovely idea, but nothing in life is constant so why do we try to hold everything to the floor while riding a rollercoaster?

        And love sick. I think people who love themselves less, become more lovesick. I think if one doesn’t enjoy time in their own mind, they will beg, steal, and die trying to find someone to take them away… From themselves

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      2. Of course nothing is constant that’s why life seems to be so insecure.
        I made the experience that I’m able to love someone and totally forget about myself. I mean it’s like living for this person. That was caused by not loving me very much. I went through this time to understand that I have to change myself to find my way to happiness. I’m working on it. It becomes better and better. Of course it’s a possibility that people love themselves less. I also think it’s an important point! I do not know why but I’m one of these people for whom it’s very hard to let their love go.

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      3. We’ll never know whether we do it right but if we’re happy we will have a good time!
        I also wrote about it, because I sometimes think that I’m alone with all my thoughts. I know that’s not true but it feels like that. It’s great to talk with people about their thoughts of different topics! That’s why my blog has not one or two topics. It’s about every topic, which comes to my mind.

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