You can be frustrated in many ways.
Frustration at school, university, work
Frustration in relationships
Frustration at your favorite activities
Or frustrated because of yourself

These downs of frustration when you think: There isn’t anything anymore, which could make it worse than it is right now.
A possibility is to find a way to make it better somehow.
Ways. What kind of ways?
1 .You’re feeling okay with it and aren’t doing anything. A way, which is too easy, isn’t it?
2. You’re feeling thoughtful and try to find out what’s going on. Another way a little more difficult but more effective, isn’t it?

We have the choice between two ways. There are days when you choose the first one, because you don’t feel strong enough to choose the second one. There might be days when you feel sad. Days when you’re mad. You and I know that these days aren’t the end. They are our tasks, which teach us to get the strength to choose the second way.
Working on the way how we’re thinking about us makes it possible to get over frustration. We cannot influence what’s going on around us. There might be many people/ situations, who/ which make us angry, sad, frustrated and/ or disappointed. We cannot change them but we can decide how much they badly influence us.

I made an experience yesterday. This fact a human isn’t a machine it’s logical but sometimes I forget about it. I went to my dancing lesson. I’m doing my very best every time, but there are days when nothing works. There was this situation when someone told me that I had to take care of myself, because they needed me. These words make me thoughtful right now, because I was so angry, disappointed and frustrated of myself that I forgot about the fact that I’m of course dancing for myself but I’m also a part of a group, who needs me. I learnt that it’s okay to be frustrated and to have a bad day but the most important fact is that I should never forget about why I’m dancing. It’s because of passion, fun, fascination and the art to connect moves with music.

Frustration will always be a part in our lives, but we can decide how it treats us. We can learn to find ways, which make it a little easier to get over it. Everyone has to find her/his own way.


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