Love and emotional addiction

Every day
Another way

Walking along
Singing our song

Meeting new faces
They give us hints and traces

We want to know some
Others not
We choose some
We’re not going on spot

Addicted isn’t it bad?
Addicted a way to feel mad?

Yes and no
I’ll show

Yes, because if you were emotional addicted, you’d be think: There is no choice to live without this person.
No, because we’re all addicted in a way to the ones we love.
It’s up to how we handle with it
To find a way to make it fit

Loving and feeling emotional addicted
Two feelings, which are so close to each other, that there doesn’t seem to be a bound. There is one but it’s hard to define it.

I’m not anyone, who knows exactly how to handle with it
It’s so difficult
To make it fit

What I want to let you know:
The best way to find out what’s going on with yourself is: You have to look at what’s happening with yourself, whether you’re badly influenced by addiction or not. If you recognise that you’re badly influenced, you’ll be able to change your thoughts about this person you’re addicted to. It’s possible! It’s not easy, but that’s life and we can make it to find a way through all the tasks life gives us.

Never forget about believing in yourself!
If you want to, you’ll make it
You’re the one, who have the chance to take it!


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