Abstract view of death?

How do you describe things you cannot see?
How do you explain anything, which is not explainable?
Thought about writing about death.
It is a topic some are scared of it others are more okay with it.
But ingeneral we all have this fear inside us.
I thought of doing something against it. Making death a little better than it seems to be.
We all do not know, what will happen to us after death.
So I started to find a picture to make death a little more beautiful.
It is my view of things. So I will tell you.
I love nature. I love all these creatures living on it. Mostly I love trees.
A tree seems to be so wonderful to me. So I expect becoming one after death.
It gives me strength in believing in it. It gives me a positive view on my life right now.
I enjoy it and when there is this fear of death I imagine a picture of a tree, listening to the animals, feeling the warm sun, feeling needed, feeling home.
It might be an abstract view on it, but it does not matter how we see things. We are all different. We all have our own views.
There is this one thing we share. We can have a positive view on things and we will be lucky if we want to. We only have to find our ways of this positive view.
Some will call me crazy others not.
My intention was to show you that no matter about what we know or what we do not know we are able to feel comfortable with these things.


4 thoughts on “Abstract view of death?

  1. I think this comparison is more profound than you realize. As above so below, which essentially means everything that is out there, is replicated on a smaller scale. So we are all connected to the eternal god force or source, universe, whatever you may call it. There is no birth or death here, however, the farther you move away from this center, the more of an illusion it becomes. We are eternal, but we are projected into this dimension, and have the illusion of being born and dying. But really, we are eternal. So let’s scale this down even further.

    The Earth appears to us as eternal. It has a force of its own, an energy, its own universe so to speak. Trees, more than anything else on this planet, illustrate why birth and death are an illusion, for they grow out of the Earth. In other words, they are projections, and they go through the seasons. So even when all the leaves fall off and they appear barren, they are actually just going back to the source, almost like they are “hibernating” or even more so, “going home” When spring rolls back around and there is more life-giving energy, via the sun, the trees are “reborn” We can be seen as trees in a cosmic sense. Right now, we have the illusion of living, because we are projected out into this sphere. However, when we die, we don’t actually die, we just go back to the source, until it is time to spring again. If we could learn this from trees, as you put abstractly, than the fear of dying would be eradicated, and human civilization will enhance tenfold. Great words, my friend. I love it!

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    1. I read your words again and again. I’m speechless because they’re true. So true! I’m surprised that there is someone like you, who has this special view. Your words are so close to mine but I’m someone whose task it is to find the right words for something. I’m not very good in it but I’m doing my best. I’m happy that I’ve found your text and I’m happy to know that there is someone who has a view like me! 🙂

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