My fighting me

Going a way, which is a lucky one
Having these moments of confusion, sadness, frustration
I feel nothing or everything
I’m scared of feeling nothing
I’m scared of it, because I don’t know how strong I am to stand it
I can be strong
And I can do everything wrong
I am what I am
I’ve chosen to be this one
And I have to stop playing tricks on me to make me sad
There is no reason to be sad
No way to feel mad
I’m not bad the way I’m
No thought can make me worse than I’m
Because I’m what I’m supposed to be this one
I can be proud to be
And I’m able to feel loved by the ones I love so much!
It means the world to me, because it gives me this realistic view
It makes everything less bad
It makes me less bad
It’s me a surviver, a dreamer, a fighter, a broken one
But nevertheless there is no way anymore to make this broken one win
It’s there but it’ll never be able to change this feeling of feeling loved
Needed so much time to accept that I’m someone some people really love and I’ll never hurt them anymore, because I can hate everything but never the ones I love and never the one I’m
So I have to take care of me to be able to take care of the ones I love


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