Our ways to survive

Two sides
A fight
A gift
Never wonder if

It’s darkness and light
We’re supposed to be sad
We’re supposed to be happy
We’re supposed to make sadness and happiness fit together
Changing weather

Living right now
Using the past to learn how
How to handle life
How to survive

Using the present
Your inspiration
Your own creation
To find a liveable way
You’re going
You will never stay

It’s you
Making your life true

There have to be two sides
Two fights
To accept the dark side
To accept the bright one
No one said life will be fun

Playing tricks on yourself
Making little lovely things to the greatest ones
It will take some months
But you are able to be happy
You’re able to create your happy sadness

It’s like you and me
Two stories, two lives
Two different ways to survive

We’ll make it
Both in a different way
Our goal: Our life
Our ways to survive!


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