What are your reasons to feel happy about?

I love these little things.

Going outside, looking around, enjoying this beauty, which surrounds me. Enjoy to live in a world with all these fascinating creatures.
It is so fascinating to watch the seasons and how it influence all the plans and animals and us.

I also feel so happy and proud of the ones I love. They make life more beautiful.

I love dancing. Breakdance, Street and House give me passion, motivation and selfconfidence. It is art like writing, which means very much to me!

I am a thinker. It is the best that could have happened to me. Of course it makes me going crazy sometimes, but I love to think about topics to find a way to understand them. Topics are life, relationships, feelings, humans, nature etc

It is great to find a way to be myself
Every situation influences me
I learn so much
And try to find a way to make it through life


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