Family and Friendships

Everyone knows them
We all have them

There are these ones you are born in
The ones, who love you, because they are supposed to love you
Your family

Of course there are always two sides, because family is a home, which you cannot choose.
You can be a lucky one and be happy and proud of having these wonderful family members, but there is also the opposite side.
Some have a big family others a small one.
Our families we are born.
Of course it depends on every person, how a relationship between two people works.
But what we know is, that we can do our best to make it work.
Of course there are the ones, who make it possible to have a good relationship, but there are also the ones, who make it impossible to have a good relationship with them.

So we can say family can be a part of us, which make us happy and proud
But it also can be a part, which make us sad.

There is this possibility we always have: Looking for friends!
A risk and luck.
When you meet someone the first time, you have this feeling in your stomach, whether you like this person or not.
This feeling, we all know it, but the question why do we feel like it, do you think there might be an answer?
I do not find any. Of course we are influenced by the appearance and by the acting of the person, but it does not answer my question.
We start to like a person. We talk to each other, get to know each other and become friends.
There might be two ways now. Your friend is not the kind of person, which make your friendship work or your friend is exactly the one for a wonderful friendship.
You are having this wonderful friend now. You spend time together and will share many memories.
But most important you love each other in a wonderful, special way. A friendship love.
Friendships are like having a second family. It is like a chosen one. You decide who becomes part of it.
Loving these friends is a wonderful feeling!
BUT never give up yourself for anyone of your friends. I did this mistake a few times. It is no way to make a friendship work. It will be supposed to break up, if you act like this.
A hint: If you know what I am talking about, start changing yourself, your thoughts about yourself to learn to love yourself, it will make you happy and will make you able to have a friendship that works.
A friendship is a relationship, which makes you strong, makes you feel loved and makes you love.
A friend is like a mirror, you will find someone new in it, but you also will find yourself.

Take care of the ones, who love you and never forget, that a relationship between two people is a gift.
Like waking up every day. You can say it is normal.
But for me it is wonderful to wake up every single day.
It is wonderful to have my family.
Wonderful to have this magic, lovely friends in my life.
And wonderful to have a healthy life, which gives me a possibility to make memories with the ones I love so much!


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