Me being myself

Being myself
Living in this world of influences
Building the personality
An important time was the childhood
Childhood to get self confidence
What will you do if you don’t get it?
Work to get it of course
They say it doesn’t matter what others say and think about you
Doesn’t it influence us?
I can say no and I can say yes
No, because I’m what I’m and I love being this one
Yes, because in society it is important to have some special characteristics to survive
As much we’re not influenced as much we’re
To stand this seems to be art for me.
I don’t find any balance between how much it is good to be influenced and how much should I be myself?
I’m like being extremely influenced or not.
I’m like drifting from one extreme to another all the time
I’m myself, my thoughtful me, finding a way through life to survive and loving the ones, who found a place in my heart.


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