Humans and their mistakes

We’re humans
Used to do mistakes

Mistakes to hurt
Mistakes to learn

Learning about ourselves
Learning about each other

Maybe we feel guilty for some we’ve done
We can apologise to make our conscience feel better

Some apologise and don’t really understand what their mistake was
Others are really thinking about themselves critically

We’re as different as our mistakes
Everyone needs different special apologises
An apologise doesn’t make everything alright again in some situations
You really have to show, that you mean what you’ve said

Depending on the mistake and the person it’s up to you two how it will go on
But no matter how it ends if you are really sorry, you’ll be able not to feel guilty for anything anymore

You can go on, your way
You learned a lot from this mistake
You can keep and remember it
Maybe you will make the same mistake again one day
It doesn’t matter you’ll learn and you can make it to never doing it again

Mistakes are part of us
They are our teachers
To feel comfortable with them is our art


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