Our goals

We all have them
We all want to reach them
But what are we supposed to do for them?

We have these ones
to reach something in society
to improve ourselves, our personality
They are different
We have many of them

Mostly it’s easy to say I want to reach this
Having the strength to reach it is so important
We can motivate us
We can play tricks on us to make it easier

A goal
It’s the end of a journey
You have little stops on your way
Some downs when you couldn’t motivate yourself
Some ups when you recognized you’re getting closer and closer to your goal

There might be times when it seems useless
Don’t give up
You’re able to make it
You’ll learn to stand these downs
You’ll use your experiences to make your ups more wonderful

Goals give hope
make us strong
are able to reach
We are the ones to teach
Teach ourselves to figure out
A way of reaching goals, which make us proud


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