Feeling lonely?

We carry around some feelings.
Deep in us there is this fear of feeling and being lonely.
Are we lonely?
Ingeneral there are some people, who love us, who would never make us feel lonely.
We are proud of having them in our life.
They give us strength.
They inspire us.
We are not lonely. That’s a fact.
We make us feel lonely. Maybe we are not in a relationship. We are desperate. 
Of course it is important somehow, but it depends on how we handle with it.
It would make us less lonely but never forget about that you’re not lonely even without it.
There is this fear of feeling lonely. Appreciate the ones, who you love, the ones, who love you, to stand this fear.

Keep a try
You will not deny
You’re your guide
Have no reason to hide
Keep your good thoughts
They’ll make you smile
Like going on holiday for a while
Fears are no reasons for tears

Are you lonely?
No way!
Thoughts guide you.
It’s up to you in which way.


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